Breaking the glass ceiling in oil, gas and technology

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Women like Yulibeth Cruz Roque are pioneering progress in areas that are typically male-dominated.

Today’s gender equality narrative has brought into sharp focus the daunting reality of male-dominated fields. Fields such as technology, oil and gas, all characterized by a range of careers in engineering and information technology, are known for their gender inequality. Amid these stark discrepancies, women like Yulibeth Cruz Roque emerge as paragons of potential, skills and groundbreaking achievements that challenge entrenched norms.

Ms. Cruz is a passionate advocate for women who want to take their place in tech fields that are typically male-dominated. “While we’ve finally seen a shift within the tech industry in recent years, with an increasing number of women making significant progress, that’s not enough – and it’s not happening everywhere,” she says. “I believe a collective effort is imperative to encourage more women to enter these fields and ensure they have the necessary support and resources to thrive. This endeavor must start early, right from nurturing interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects among young girls and providing the right mentorship and guidance throughout their educational journey.”

She also highlights the crucial role of organizations in promoting a gender-inclusive environment. “Companies must actively implement and promote policies that ensure equal opportunities, provide a favorable working environment and combat unconscious bias,” Ms. Cruz emphasizes. “These steps can create a more equitable workspace and significantly contribute to increasing creativity, innovation and productivity, given the diverse perspectives at play.”

In addition, Ms. Cruz emphasizes the importance of more female role models in technical fields who can inspire and guide aspiring female professionals. “Seeing women in key technical and leadership roles can have a profound impact,” she explains. “It serves as a tangible confirmation that women can excel in these areas. A virtuous cycle of inspiration, education, opportunity and achievement can propel more women into a technical career.”

Through her own journey and her active advocacy for women in tech fields, Ms. Cruz exemplifies the change she wants to see in the industry, working tirelessly to ensure a more inclusive and equitable tech arena for all. Her illustrious career exemplifies a profound trajectory of dedication, expertise and unparalleled skill. With over 18 years of experience in engineering, primarily focused on instrumentation and control systems within the energy sectors, her journey lights a path for aspiring female engineers. Ms. Cruz, who holds the title of Senior Engineer, embodies the pinnacle of engineering acumen.

The profound momentum that women bring to tech careers cannot be underestimated. Ms. Cruz’s ability to rigorously plan and oversee critical aspects of engineering projects underscores the need for diversity of thought, approach and leadership in the industry. Her extensive involvement in critical projects reinforces the essence of fostering an inclusive environment that catalyzes innovation, efficiency and progress.

It plays a crucial role in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry, especially in the development of LNG projects to meet the growing demand for cleaner and more reliable energy sources, and underlines the indispensable value it brings. In her extensive roles, Ms. Cruz has demonstrated exceptional technical acumen and a unique propensity for leadership, influencing and driving complex systems to success. Her rare fusion of design and engineering expertise sets her apart, making her one of the leading senior engineers redefining standards and setting benchmarks for excellence.

Ms. Cruz’s astute technical acumen has found a distinctive platform at the Globee Awards, where she serves as a judicious judge of innovative technical feats submitted by professionals around the world. Her role as a judge not only accentuates her position in the technical community, but also demonstrates her commitment to promoting excellence and recognizing groundbreaking developments in the technical field.

Gender inequality in the tech and engineering fields has long been an issue, but the advent of various advocacy and inclusivity campaigns is starting to level the playing field. Recognizing the benefits of a diverse workforce, organizations have been proactive in implementing policies aimed at promoting gender equality and inclusivity. Initiatives such as mentorship programs, gender-neutral recruitment and support networks have enabled greater representation of women in these sectors and have also created an enabling environment for women to excel and take on leadership roles.

The increasing recognition and celebration of women’s achievements in tech is acting as a catalyst for change, with industry leaders like Yulibeth Cruz Roque emblematic of the tremendous capacity women possess to expertly manage complex tech projects. Ms. Cruz’s comprehensive journey from various technical roles to a senior technical position is a testament to a combination of her dedication, expertise and the industry’s slowly evolving attitude towards gender diversity.

Nevertheless, a joint effort among educational institutions, industries and policymakers is critical to further reduce gender bias and promote a fully inclusive environment. Promoting STEM education among young girls and providing robust support will broaden the path for women in tech careers. The ongoing discourse on gender inclusivity and the remarkable success of women like Yulibeth in the tech field are powerful steps toward reshaping the industry narrative. As such women continue to transcend barriers, they serve to enrich the industry and build a robust foundation for future generations of women in technology, signaling a promising shift toward gender equality in tech fields.

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