5 movies leaving Prime Video in April 2024 that you need to watch

Christian Bale sits at his desk, staring at a computer screen displaying financial information, while his reflection is visible across from him in a scene from The Big Short.
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Amazon Prime Video is a treasure trove of movies and TV shows. While some require an add-on subscription to a service like Paramount+ or AMC+, others are available as part of your Amazon Prime subscription. Please note that you will now additionally have to pay a small fee to gain ad-free access. But either way, the movies that come with that basic subscription are available to you at any time. That is, until they’re gone.

Movies come and go on Amazon, so you’ll want to keep track of expiring titles. There are five movies leaving Amazon Prime Video in April that you’ll want to watch before they release. They are all fantastic films from the 80s through 2010, featuring top talent. Check these out before they’re removed from service before the end of the month.

The big short (2015)

The Big Short Trailer (2015) – Paramount Pictures

Adam McKay, known for his time as head writer of sketch comedy series Saturday evening liveas well as his frequent collaborations with Will Ferrell on films like Anchorman And Talladega Nights, wrote and directed this comedy-drama about a serious, moving true story. The financial crisis of 2007-2008 brought companies, investors and individuals to their knees, caused by the infamous housing bubble. The film follows the fascinating lead-up to that crisis and centers on eccentric hedge fund manager Michael Burry (Christian Bale), who discovered that the market was unstable and anticipated the collapse that was to come.

The big short one is heavily focused on financial and investment dialogue, and for those unfamiliar with the sector it might otherwise go over their heads. But the film features actors and other celebrities like Margot Robbie, the late Anthony Bourdain and Selena Gomez in cameos that break the fourth wall and explain in layman’s terms what’s going on. From subprime mortgages to synthetic collateralized debt obligations, you’ll come away from the movie feeling like a financial expert, or on top of that, having gained a better understanding of the crisis. The big short one received several Academy Award nominations and won for Best Adapted Screenplay. It is a trip down memory lane that highlights greed, capitalism and the pursuit of the almighty money.

Current The big short one on Amazon Prime Video.

Chaplin (1992)

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Chaplin helped Robert Downey Jr. upon his first Academy Award nomination (he ultimately won this year for Oppenheimer and was previously nominated for in 2009 tropical thunder). But this is the one performance that stands out to fans of his work, as the actor completely encapsulated the life, personality and mannerisms of iconic English comedy actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin. The story begins with an elderly Chaplin reminiscing about his life and goes back in time to recall pivotal moments that led to his illustrious career.

While not a completely accurate portrayal of every facet of Chaplin’s life, what really matters Chaplin What stands out is Downey Jr.’s incredible performance. Although so many have associated him with the Marvel character Iron Man for so long, his role is in Oppenheimer reminded fans how very talented he is as a serious actor as well. After Downey Jr.’s long-awaited Oscar win it’s a perfect time to watch or rewatch Chaplin.

Current Chaplin on Amazon Prime Video.

The Untouchables (1987)

The Untouchables (1987) Trailer #1 | Movie clips Classic trailers

This classic crime film shines YellowstoneKevin Costner, Charles Martin Smith, Andy Garcia, Robert De Niro and the late Sean Connery in a story loosely based on real-life events involving federal agent Eliot Ness and his formation of a group known as Untouchables during the reclamation. Although the story itself is largely fictionalized, the basic plot of infamous gangster Al Capone illegally supplying liquor to Chicago businesses and Ness’s (Kevin Costner) attempts to thwart his empire are based on fact.

The untouchables was a huge success and earned four Academy Award nominations, with Connery winning Best Supporting Actor for his role as Irish-American officer Jimmy Malone, who helps Ness in his battle. If you’re looking for a great gangster thriller to sink your teeth into before the calendar turns to May, stream this movie before it disappears from Amazon Prime Video.

Current The untouchables on Amazon Prime Video.

M3GAN (2022)

The sci-fi horror film about a deranged and evil doll is moving to Peacock, so you’ll want to check it out before it makes the move. M3GAN is about Gemma (Allison Williams), a roboticist secretly working on a humanoid robot called M3GAN (played by Amie Donald and voiced by Jenna Davis) that is powered by AI. She believes M3GAN will be a perfect companion for children, especially her 8-year-old niece Cady (Violet McGraw), who moved in with her after the tragic death of the little girl’s parents.

As with any AI cautionary tale, M3GAN is initially a good friend, but soon begins to operate independently and targets anything she considers a threat to Cady. From killing a neighbor’s dog to maiming a bully, M3GAN is becoming increasingly violent and dangerous. M3GAN is totally campy horror fun that became a huge hit when it was released. Called a sequel M3GAN 2.0 is already in development and scheduled for release in 2025, so you’ll want to check out the original in preparation for the sequel to M3GAN’s sinister plans.

Current M3GAN on Amazon Prime Video.

The Terminator (1984)

The Terminator (1984) Official Trailer – Arnold Schwarzenegge Movie

The film that spawned the slogan ‘I’ll be back’ The terminator won’t be back on Amazon Prime Video in May. You should watch it soon to relive the story of the cybernetic assassin known as the Terminator as he travels back in time to eliminate Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), whose unborn son is destined to destroy humanity in the future of prevent extinction. The Terminator is part of a hostile AI known as Skynet that exists in the post-apocalyptic future and its mission is to save its kind from human intervention.

Co-written and directed by James Cameron and co-written and produced by Gale Anne Hurd (The living Dead), The terminator is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and never get old. The film features impressive special effects for the time, including miniatures and stop-motion animation, along with Schwarzenegger’s looming presence as a then-rising action movie star. The terminator helped launch not only Schwarzenegger’s career, but Cameron’s as well.

Current The terminator on Amazon Prime Video.

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