Young Sheldon star pays tribute to the classic Big Bang Theory joke while visiting an iconic set

Young Sheldon star Iain Armitage referenced a classic Big Bang Theory joke during a visit to the set of the original sitcom.

Production may have wrapped on the final season of Young Sheldon, but that hasn’t kept star Iain Armitage away from The Big Bang Theory universe. During a recent tour of the Warner Bros. studio, the Young Sheldon actor was even pictured visiting the most iconic set from the Big Bang Theory: Sheldon and Leonard’s living room.

The actor shared a photo of himself sitting on the fictional duo’s couch on his Instagram stories. The couch (now one of the most famous sitcom couches, second only to Friends’ Central Perk couch), was a mainstay of the original show from which the Young Sheldon spin-off was born.

He even references a classic Sheldon trait, with the caption, “Whatever you do on @wbtourhollywood, please don’t sit in my spot!” This is a throwback to Sheldon’s habit of only being able to sit in a certain spot in the living room, a gag used over and over again in the original series.

Iain Armitage visits the Big Bang Theory set in the Warner Brothers studios

The image actually came the day after Armitage wrapped season 7, which marked the end of his tenure on the show. While on the grounds, he was presented with a huge farewell card with seemingly hundreds of signatures, and he even ended up giving a tour himself.

“I didn’t know what the day after finishing @youngsheldoncbs would look like, I wasn’t sure how I would feel, etc,” he wrote on Instagram. “I ended up back in the parking lot getting a haircut, then ran into my friend @therealderekjason who works with @wbtourhollywood. Somehow I ended up doing my very first Warner Brothers tour, with a real uniform and everything!”

Fans raved about the reference. As one Reddit comment said, “The TBBT time machine actually works!” Another wrote: “Young Sheldon, get out of that chair! Go away boy, the big Sheldon is coming!’

A third added: “My heart can’t handle this today, thank you!!!”

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