ChatGPT Finds Its Way to Nothing Earbuds and Phones

Nothing launched two new audio products at its Japan event today, and before the end of the event, CEO Carl Pei took the stage to announce Nothing phones and earbuds are getting built-in ChatGPT support. Here’s everything you need to know about it, how it works, and the rollout schedule for all Nothing and CMF products.

It definitely came as a surprise to us when Carl announced ChatGPT coming to the Nothing Phones and the Ear lineup. As for the availability, Nothing is pushing an update to the Phone (2) right now which adds ChatGPT support alongside their TrueLens engine. It will be available out-of-the-box on the latest Nothing Ear (a) and Ear products.

Nothing says the features will arrive on the Phone (2a) and Phone (1) in the last week of April, and on the rest of the audio products in June, including the CMF products, which is great.

Launch ChatGPT Voice in NothingOS

As for how ChatGPT will work on the audio products, users can reassign any of the controls to trigger ChatGPT Voice from the Voice Assistant option in the Nothing X app. This lets you bring up the AI ​​chatbot anywhere on your phone. Once initiated, you can ask and get answers from the AI, much like Google Assistant.

However, we did notice that the ChatGPT Voice feature breaks in Nothing OS if you are using the Beta version of ChatGPT. It will keep crashing the app when trying to use the Voice feature either through the widget or triggering them from the earbuds. So leave the Beta program and then reinstall the app. This solved the issue for us.

Nothing Phone ChatGPT Features

Editor’s Note:
The ChatGPT integration is live with the latest Nothing OS 2.5.5 update on the Nothing Phone (2). We’ve included screenshots for each feature below.

There are three new ChatGPT-based AI integrations for Nothing Phones — Clipboard to ChatGPT, Voice Assistant, and Screenshot to ChatGPT.

The first feature adds a shortcut to the clipboard pop-up that lets you directly paste and open your clipboard contents in the ChatGPT app. Just as we pointed out in the screenshots below.

Nothing OS new ChatGPT clipboard shortcut

The voice assistant will open, well, voice assistant. Duh! The latter will give you the option to send the screenshot directly to ChatGPT and search its content using the AI ​​chatbot.

Nothing OS ChatGPT Screenshot shortcut

There is also a new widget that lets you jump between these three features directly from the home screen. However, still, no lock screen widget. Personally, I think this is a clever move from Nothing to bring one of the best, tested, and revered AI chatbots to its smartphones rather than something like Google Gemini, which is also good but isn’t as popular.

What are your thoughts on Nothing bringing ChatGPT to Nothing Phones and audio products? Let us know in the comments below.