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Billionaire heiress Ivy Getty may seem like the prototypical poor, rich girl — especially now that she’s filed for divorce just over two years after her over-the-top, three-day wedding to Tobias Engel in San Francisco.

But while the 26-year-old model may be living in the shadow of the so-called ‘Getty curse,’ friends and others who know the family say the split isn’t the result of the deaths, affairs and addictions that have haunted the family for so long . oil dynasty.

Instead, they say her marriage to Engel during the pandemic was a recovery from the near-simultaneous deaths of her father, thanks to drugs, and of the maternal grandmother who raised her — and not a self-destructive decision.

Ivy Getty, 26, and Tobias Engel married in November 2021 during a three-day extravaganza in San Francisco at the mansion where she was raised by her grandparents. The two are now divorcing. Ivy Getty/Instagram
Getty’s mirror fragment dress, which reportedly cost $500,000, was designed by John Galliano for Maison Margiela. Instagram

She secretly married the English-Austrian photographer – whom she met during Paris Fashion Week – in December 2020 and celebrated it again publicly and extravagantly in November 2021.

“Tobias was very kind to her and everyone else, but you didn’t feel any great passion there. They could almost have been siblings,” a source told The Post.

Ivy Getty and Toby Engel dancing at their wedding. Instagram
Getty’s ring contained a sapphire that once belonged to Engel’s mother and diamonds that belonged to her grandmother. Ivy Getty/Instagram

Getty posed with Emily Ratajkowski and Nikki Hilton Rothschild at Save Venice’s Un Ballo in Maschera gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York last week, just as news of her divorce broke. Days earlier she had partied in London.

“Ivy grew up in a very bizarre situation being raised by her grandparents in that huge mansion and I think it was very lonely,” a San Francisco socialite who knows the Getty family well told The Post.

“But Ivy herself is sweet and has nice friends. She has nothing to do with the drug scene, and neither do her friends.

Ivy Getty was raised by her paternal grandparents virtually from birth, but reportedly grew very close to her father, Joh Gilbert Getty, before his death from drugs in 2000. Ivy Getty/Instagram
Businessman Gordon Getty and his wife, interior designer Ann, seen here in 1986, raised Ivy almost from birth. Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

“But I think with the pandemic and the loss of both her father and grandmother, she was looking for a replacement family when she decided to marry Toby.

“Then the world opened up again and it seems she decided to move on.”

John Gilbert Getty, Ivy’s 52-year-old musician father, died in a San Antonio hotel room on November 20, 2020 from heart disease caused by an accidental fentanyl overdose.

Her grandmother Ann Getty, who raised Ivy in the Getty mansion where her reception took place, died at the age of 79, two months before her own son.

Ivy Getty, right, with her mother, Alyssa Boothby, who is now a jewelry designer in San Francisco. Ivy Getty/Instagram
Ann and Gordon Getty’s mansion in the exclusive Pacific Heights area of ​​San Francisco, where Ivy grew up. Getty Images

Ivy was raised almost from birth by Ann and her husband Gordon Getty, now 90, (who had a second family with three secret daughters in Los Angeles before they were discovered) because her father was unable to care for her.

Ivy’s San Francisco mother, Alyssa Boothby, who calls herself a jewelry designer, wasn’t with Ivy’s father long — and sources told The Post that Ann and Gordon Getty quickly moved in to raise the child.

Boothby was at Ivy’s wedding and while Ivy has praised both her and her father on her Instagram account, Alyssa has not been a major figure in her life, they said.

Friends of Getty say the couple seemed genuinely loving but not passionate about each other at their 2021 wedding in San Francisco. Getty Images for Moda Operandi
The English-Austrian photographer, whose mother was a British soap actress, and his wife were frequent guests on the fashion party circuit, including at a Balmain fall/winter show in Paris in 2022. Marc Patrick/

Getty filed for divorce in New York in January and Engel responded by contesting the divorce on March 25.

However, a source told Page Six that the couple has entered into a prenuptial agreement, protecting her famous family’s vast wealth.

“Clearly, as a member of the Getty family, Ivy is cautious about legal entanglements,” the source said.

Nancy Pelosi attended the 2021 wedding, which Vogue reported on.

Attendees included singer Olivia Rodrigo, Princess Olympia of Greece, California Governor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor London Breed and Ivy’s maid of honor, “Queen’s Gambit” star Anya Taylor-Joy. Mark Ronson was DJ at a 60’s Mod themed pre-wedding party, and Earth, Wind and Fire performed.

Guests at the wedding included “Queen’s Gambit” star Anya Taylor-Joy, a longtime friend of the bride. Anya Taylor-Joy/Instagram
Taylor-Joy was part of the three-day spectacle in San Francisco, which included a costume party. Anya Taylor-Joy/Instagram

After the wedding, the couple returned to life as photographers and models, but were not often seen together.

“She went out all the time in New York and London and he wasn’t in any press photos of her,” says James Reginato, author of 2022’s Growing up Getty: The Story of America’s Most Unconventional Dynasty.

Taylor-Joy gave a glimpse into the special style in which the Getty mansion is decorated, partly inspired by Islamic art. Anya Taylor-Joy/Instagram
The couple hit the party circuit during their wedding, including at the Ritz in Paris in 2022, but those with knowledge told The Post they looked more like siblings than husband and wife. Jason Lowrie/

“I think she was a little lost during the pandemic and looking for someone to build a life with, but it obviously wasn’t meant to last.”

But Reginato echoed others who said Ivy doesn’t seem to have inherited Getty’s tragedy gene, which others in her family seemed to have in spades.

Ivy’s great-grandfather was J. Paul Getty, the Minnesota-born founder of Getty Oil who was the richest man in the world in the mid-20th century – with a fortune of $1.2 billion (about $9.1 billion today).

He has about forty descendants, several of whom have experienced their fair share of drama and adversity in recent decades.

Getty family patriarch J. Paul Getty founded Getty Oil in 1942. He was seen here around 1960. Getty Images
J. Paul Getty III was famously kidnapped and had his ear cut off in 1973. His famous grandfather, J. Paul, initially refused to pay the ransom demanded by his captors, but eventually did so. Bettmann Archive

In 1973, John Paul Getty III – the patriarch’s 16-year-old grandson (making him Ivy’s second cousin) – was kidnapped in Rome.

His captors demanded $17 million, which his grandfather was unwilling to pay, leading to his captors cutting off his right ear and his grandfather handing over the money to his son as a loan.

The ordeal, combined with terrible neglect, devastated the boy’s life. At the age of 24, he became paralyzed due to a drug overdose. John Paul III, the father of actor Balthazar Getty, died in 2011 at the age of 55.

J. Paul Getty III, seen in 2003, was forever affected by his kidnapping. In 1981, he drank a drug and alcohol cocktail that caused liver failure and a stroke, leaving him paralyzed, partially blind and unable to speak. He later regained some mobility, but died in 2011. Getty Images
Ivy’s troubled father, John Gilbert Getty, died just months before her lavish wedding from complications resulting from an accidental fentanyl overdose. Ivy Getty/Instagram

In 2015, Ivy Getty’s uncle Andrew Rork Getty died of an ulcer-related hemorrhage. Andrew, who had been a recluse, was found to have methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death.

Reginato also pointed out that while Getty’s personal catastrophes make headlines, the younger generation of Gettys, including Ivy, are among some very successful people.

“There are four different branches of the Getty family,” Reginato said. “J. Paul Getty had five sons and four survived. All four boys went in very different directions.

“Today it is an international dynasty of 19 grandchildren – 16 of whom are still living – and approximately 45 great-grandchildren living on four continents: Asia, Europe, the US and Africa.

Andrew Rork Getty, Ivy’s uncle, was killed in 2015 by a combination of meth use and a stomach ulcer. Facebook
Ivy’s cousin, Isabel Getty, 30, is one of the many successful members of the Getty family. She is a singer/songwriter and influencer. Dave Benett/Getty Images for Wheely

“They are actually an incredibly private family and very philanthropic and successful, but you only hear about the ones that end tragically.”

They include Mark Getty, 63, co-founder of Getty Images, Anne G. Earhart, 72, an environmental activist, and fashion designer August Williams, 29, who creates dresses worn by everyone from Cher to Katy Perry.

August’s brother Nats — a fellow LGBTQ rights activist who announced his gender transition after marrying transgender celebrity Gigi Gorgeous — has a line of exclusive streetwear.

Nats Getty (right), Ivy’s second cousin, is married to Gigi Beautiful. Both are openly transgender. Nats’ brother, Austin Williams, is a high-profile fashion designer. Nats’ godfather is California Governor Gavin Newsom. Getty Images for the Elton John AIDS Foundation
Ivy’s second cousin Balthazar Getty has built a career in Hollywood after the twin tragedies of his father’s kidnapping and his grandfather’s long-term drug addiction. Getty Images

Getty’s cousins ​​included Balthazar Getty, 49, an actor, director and DJ, and Isabel, a multi-hyphenate actor-director-DJ designer, and Isabel Getty, 30, a singer/songwriter and internet influencer.

Ivy’s friends hope she follows in the footsteps of her high-achieving relatives, and not the doomed ones.

She currently works at Ford Models.

“I hope her modeling career is successful,” the family insider said. “I think she would get a lot of credit if that performance was her own and not something she bought.”

“Being saddled with such a legacy can make it difficult for you to find your place in life and to really know who your friends are.

“But I think she’s on her way to developing her own identity in the world. It may seem strange to have such a big wedding and then pull the plug – but the rich are different from you and me.”

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