Several Texas Truck Stops appear on the viral ‘Do Not Stop Here’ list

DALLAS, Texas (KPEL News) – An online list of ‘Do Not Stop’ locations for truck drivers highlights the growing concern among truckers. These warnings highlight several truck stops in Texas that drivers are urged to avoid due to safety concerns and reflect increased awareness among truck drivers about the risks they face on the road, especially when stopping in vulnerable locations.

Crime waves and mass theft are becoming a growing problem across the country, especially at truck stops where drivers transport valuable freight.

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According to an author on the website Boing Boing, they “spotted it on Reddit’s ‘Mildly Interesting’ subpage, where it’s apparently a regular repost.”

Theft at truck stops can result in significant losses for both drivers and trucking companies, creating a need for increased vigilance and preventative measures. Therefore, truck drivers must remain vigilant, follow safety protocols and carefully consider their routes and stops to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of crime while transporting valuable goods across the country.

Going to the post on Reddit, the comments are quick to explain why such a list would exist.

“It is intended for theft (organized theft) of high value loads, such as a trailer full of cigarette boxes,” one of the people there explained. ‘Sometimes theft begins with a corrupt employee at the weigh stations asking ‘what’s in the load’. Smart drivers tell them it’s ‘sealed’, or ‘not your concern’ if they’re feeling froggy.”

“(M)each of the Love’s and Pilot travel centers have HUGE parking spaces for overnight stays,” said another. “So you have a collection of drivers who are usually trying to get some rest. It’s one thing to steal something from a store, it’s another level to get a full trailer load.”

List of trucks doesn’t stop for the US. Mark where trucks and truck drivers are in danger.
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Where is Texas’ ‘Do Not Stop’ location?

There are many locations on the list that are located in Texas, especially in the Dallas and Houston areas.

Here’s the list:

1-45 Exit 64 and Richey Rd
Houston, TX 77090

LOVE #913
1-20 Exit 472
Dallas, TX 75241

1-20 and 1-635 Exit 472
Dallas, TX 75241

LOVE #315
Loop 610 Exit 24
Houston, Texas 77013

1-610 and US 90E, exit 24A
Houston, Texas 77013

LOVE #294
1-20 Exit 466
Dallas, TX 75232

FLY J#726
1-20 Exit 472
Dallas, TX 75241

Highway 281 and FM 1925
Edinburgh, TX 78539

LOVE #419
1-45 Exit 50
Houston, Texas 77009

1-20 Exit 470
Dallas, TX 75241

LOVE #927
Hwy 12 Loop Exit Grauwyler Rd
Irving. TX75061

1305 Pasadena Freeway
Pasadena, TX 77506

LOVE #327
Highway 77, FM 1898 exit
Kingsville, TX 78363

LOVE #946
1-10 Exit 583
San Antonio, TX 78244

1-10 Exit 581 at Ackerman Rd
San Antonio. TX-78219

trucker 900 via YouTube

trucker 900 via YouTube

To be clear, cargo thefts happen across the country, which is why a list like this is being distributed. What usually leads to a place ending up on a list like this is multiple reports of partially stolen or completely hijacked loads. These valuable cargoes can be worth a lot, regardless of the load, and organized crime gangs would be more than happy to take advantage of such a shipment.

Truck drivers can protect their valuable loads by implementing various security measures.

Firstly, they should plan their routes carefully and choose well-lit and safe roads where possible. Using GPS tracking systems allows real-time monitoring of the truck’s location, discouraging theft and assisting with recovery efforts if necessary.

Drivers must continuously communicate with their dispatchers and report any suspicious activity immediately. Investing in security equipment such as locks, seals and alarms for the truck and trailer adds an extra layer of protection. Carrying out thorough pre-trip inspections to ensure the integrity of the cargo space and conducting regular safety checks during stops are essential.

Finally, drivers must adhere to strict protocols for accessing and securing cargo, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or tampering. By implementing these strategies, truck drivers can significantly reduce the risk of theft and safeguard their valuable cargo.

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