Less rental rebate claimed in Cavan last year

The number of people claiming rental tax credits in Cavan has fallen in 2023.

Taxpayers have a maximum of four years to claim a tax year.

The amount of the discount is 20% of your rental payments in the year, with a maximum of €750 for an individual or €1,500 for a jointly taxable couple.

Credit for rental payments can be claimed for a main residence, a second home in Ireland used for work or an approved course, or a property used by a child to attend an approved course, if the child is under 23 years at the start of the course. the year in which they start the course.

Rental payments must relate to a property in Ireland and no credit can be claimed on a property already receiving housing support.

There were 2,195 RTC claims for the 2022 Assessment Year and 1,784 in 2023, a decrease of 14%.

Only 288 claims have been submitted to date for the 2024 Assessment Year.

There is a similar downward trend of RTC claims across the country.

In Monaghan, 1,553 claims were made, a decrease of 17%, with 2,024 claims made so far.

Elsewhere in Leitrim, 617 claims were made in 2023, a fall of 28%; in Longford 1,245, down 19%; and in Meath 4,277, down 14%.

There were 211,365 claims filed nationwide last year, a decrease of 20%, and so far in 2024, 41,292 RTC claims have been filed.