May 2024 book releases that we can’t wait to dive into

Ready for something less romantic and a lot darker? Then ‘Perfect Little Monsters’, which will be released on May 29, might be the book for you. The book, written by Cindy RX He as their debut novel, revolves around the death of Ella Moore. Ella is the most popular girl in high school, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have haters. This is no clearer than when the student is murdered in cold blood at her own party. Dawn Foster, the new girl at school, becomes the prime suspect after she was spotted handing a drink to Ella on the night of her murder – and things don’t get any better when the others present firmly lay the blame on her, knowing that they they all have viable motives to end Ella’s life. But unwilling to admit it, Dawn uses her time to delve deeper into Ella’s life and discovers that the popular teen had some powerful enemies. And maybe they’re preparing to kill again. With that, Dawn decides she has to find out what’s really going on before someone else dies.


Early Good Reads reviewers praised the book for its suspense and twisty, twisty story. “It’s a well-structured and cleverly designed story that captivates you from the first page to the last,” wrote JK Joy. “The suspense, suspense and mystery are maintained and built until the final reveal, keeping readers engaged and invested in the story.”