3 Simple Ways You Can Celebrate Earth Day with Nature

Earth Day is a day to highlight and raise awareness of environmental issues. Here are some simple ways to celebrate our planet’s day in nature.

Take a Hike

Next time you hit the trails, take a trash bag and help pick up litter

Hiking through local trails or big mountains is a great way to show appreciation for our beautiful planet. It’s also a good opportunity to do our part in protecting it. For example, have you ever heard of plogging? Plogging got its name from jogging and picking up litter. Since growing in popularity, plogging can be done on hikes, walks down the street, or while you’re out running.

It’s simple: when you head out to your favorite trail in the local park, take a small trash bag and some gloves with you. The idea is to go on your normal route but take a minute to spot any trash along the way. A good idea is to remember where you spot the trash and then pick it up on your way out. It’s a simple and efficient way to do our part in protecting the planet while also enjoying its beauty.

Plant a Tree

Planting trees helps us connect with nature and benefits our planet

This is another simple yet fantastic way to protect our environment while enjoying its wonders. Planting a tree or two connects us with nature, plus there are long-term benefits of planting a tree. One of the obvious reasons is that trees help us breathe and clean the air around us. Trees are also a main force against climate change. Their ability to absorb CO2 from the air, store it, and release oxygen.

When planting a tree for Earth Day, think about planting a native tree. Native planting is important because trees and plants from that environment are resilient and well-adapted. While there are many benefits to planting trees, it also makes our communities appealing. Making a local park or neighborhood beautiful is an added benefit to helping our planet.