Charles Leclerc reveals Ferrari’s tactics to fool rival teams

Ferrari has been leading the debate about the most complicated radio conversations during racing for centuries. It has sometimes become a source of ridicule with the lengthy back and forth during the race with the drivers. The discussions usually revolve around strategy, an example of which we saw in Shanghai where Charles Leclerc and Co. chose “Plan D”. Now the Monegasque has revealed that it is all a ploy to confuse the opposition.

Leclerc made the revelation in a post-race interview, as highlighted by user @vetteleclerc on X (formerly Twitter). When asked to elaborate on Plan D and if it is not the best plan, Leclerc revealed: “Not necessarily. If you put your favorite option on Plan A, the other teams will know. So we change the order so as not to give the other teams any clues about our strategies!”

“But yes, today Plan D was not the one we wanted to do, but with the safety car we couldn’t do anything else,” he added. Ferrari confuses his opponents by not following the alphabetical chronology. Sometimes they don’t even have a plan A, it can start at F.

Although it’s still unclear what Plan D would entail if it was going to be a one-stopper as many thought. But even though this was not their preferred plan, the Italian team had no choice because of the safety car. This is exactly how Lando Norris defeated Leclerc.

Lando Norris shocked Charles Leclerc and Co. with an incredible performance

Despite qualifying in P6 for the race, Leclerc had podium ambitions. His ambitions would have become reality, but the safety cars during the Grand Prix thwarted those plans. He explained that he had hope when racing medium-compounds. However, the SF-24 struggled on the hard roads, making it clear that a podium would be out of reach.

Despite maintaining his form at P4 and above, the Monegasque and his entire team were undone by the McLaren’s surprising pace. Norris was fast all weekend and he also managed to maintain the level during the race. The Briton beat Leclerc and even Sergio Perez in P3 on merit to secure the second step of the podium.

However, this performance was a surprise to everyone, including Norris. He admitted in the post-race interview that he did not expect this level of performance during the race. “I don’t know why, I really didn’t expect this to be the kind of race we had today,” he admitted.