Doordarshan TV Anchor faints while reading news and remains blackout for a long time

Kolkata, Apr 21: At a time when the country is experiencing unbearable heat wave from mid-April this year, a TV anchor from Doordarshan in West Bengal fainted while reading news in the studio on Sunday.

The Doordarshan anchor, identified as Lopamudra Sinha, came after almost an hour, sources said.

According to reports, senior news anchor Sinha, who works in Doordarshan’s West Bengal branch, was reading news at Doordarshan studio in the afternoon. Meanwhile, she abruptly stopped reading the headlines as the technicians in the studio passed her out.

When informed, the crew members rushed to the studio and tried to return Sinha to normal. However, it was in vain. She reached her normal state of health after the intervention of a doctor.

After the episode, Sinha shared on social media how she felt unwell before the episode.

Sinha, who went to X, wrote, “I fainted. I had been feeling sick for a while; I thought drinking some water would fix it. I never sit down to read the news with water. Whether it’s ten minutes of news or half an hour, it’s never necessary. I point to the floor manager and ask for a bottle of water. At that point the general story continued and no bytes were active. As a result, I couldn’t drink the water. Finally a byte comes and I finally had the water.”

She also added, “I thought I could finish the remaining four news stories. Somehow I finished two; number three was a story about the heat wave. As I read it, I slowly became ill I thought I could finish it and tried to hold myself together, but I couldn’t see anymore during that story.