Lioness trains her cubs to climb trees in adorable viral video | Viral videos

A lioness was seen training her cubs to climb trees. The adorable video made many laugh.

Cape Town: It’s not every day that you see animals training their young ones to survive in their natural habitat. A video on YouTube captured a lioness teaching her young ones to climb a tree. The footage showed one brave cub climbing the tree with sheer determination, while others hesitated to take the first steps. The adorable images were captured by Michael Moth, a guide at the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa. Many responded to the video. One wrote: “Very interesting how the lionesses make the cub understand with gentle touches that it is time to climb down so that the cub does not lose its balance.” Another wrote: “I love the way the lioness gently caresses the cub’s cheek.”

Video credit: Latest sightings/YouTube