Fresno’s most dangerous intersection? Vote in the Bee reader poll

We asked people last week to nominate the most dangerous intersection in Fresno for a reader poll.

Whether it was due to drivers frequently running red lights, streets being poorly lit, or cars traveling faster than posted speed limits, the intersections below were most often mentioned when readers thought of nightmarish intersections in Fresno.

After sorting through the nominations, here is a curated short list of the top 30 (in alphabetical order, with the street running east to west listed first):

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  • Abby and Harvey
  • Alluvial and Millbrook
  • Ashlan and Clovis
  • Ashlan and Maroa
  • Audubon and Friant
  • Belmont and Palm
  • Bullard and Willow
  • Butler and Clovis
  • Central and Chestnut
  • Clinton and Maple
  • Clinton and Maroa
  • Clinton and Teilman
  • Clinton and Van Ness
  • Clinton and Wishon
  • Gettysburg and Blackstone
  • Herndon and Fruit
  • Herndon and Van Ness
  • Herndon and Willow
  • McKinley and Blackstone
  • Nees and Milbrook
  • Shaw and Golden State
  • Shaw and Maroa
  • Shaw and Polk
  • Shepherd and Friant
  • Shields and Van Ness
  • Sierra and Blackstone
  • Tulare and Divisadero
  • Tulare and Minnewawa
  • Tulare and Willow
  • Ventura and 10th

Now it’s up to you. Scroll down to vote in the poll for the intersection that concerns you most.

First type ‘yes’ in the box to prove that you are human and not a robot.

Keep in mind that no matter how serious your opinion is, it is not exactly scientifically accurate.

This means that you can vote as often as you want. And maybe the city officials in power will take notice.

The poll will run until Friday, April 26 at 3 p.m., with results to follow shortly thereafter.

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