Convicted trans rapist SLAMS Scottish Prison Service for ‘transphobia’

Isla Bryson, the transgender double rapist who was controversially placed in a women’s prison last year, claims she is the victim of “misgendering”, “hate crime” and “transphobia” in prison.

Bryson – born Adam Graham – was charged with sexual offenses against two women in 2019 before transitioning in 2020, but was remanded to the female-only HMP Cornton Vale under the Scottish Prison Service’s SPS which, for transgender people, “allocates of establishments usually the new gender in which they live”.

The then Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is said to have personally intervened in the case to have Bryson moved to HMP Edinburgh after a barrage of criticism from across Scotland and Britain over the security implications of keeping a rapist in a women’s facility.

But now the 32-year-old perpetrator has spoken out about life in HMP Edinburgh. In a scathing handwritten letter to Scotland’s Sunday Mail, Bryson claimed to have been subjected to ‘transphobia’ by prison staff, and claimed governors had been told to treat trans women in the SPS ‘like men’ – describing the treatment as ‘disgusting ‘ labeled. and a hate crime.”

Isla Bryson/HMP Edinburgh

Bryson was initially placed in a women’s prison before Nicola Sturgeon intervened to have the double rapist sent to the men’s facility HMP Edinburgh.


In the letter, Bryson said that despite being on testosterone blockers, having breasts and no longer “sounding like a man”, staff “refused” to provide feminine toiletries and make-up.

The convict also claimed to have had a five-month relationship with a fellow inmate who was in prison for child abuse and drug offences, as well as a three-week relationship with another inmate named Colin.

The double sex offender added: “I want to make this clear: I don’t like women, I’m only into men.”

Natalie Beal, the governor of HMP Glenochil – the men’s prison where Bryson was reportedly forced to move – had written to Bryson last month to apologize for the way they were treated.


Isla Bryson

Bryson has complained about having to wear men’s clothing in prison and claimed to have been nicknamed “Mrs Doubtfire”.


In Beal’s letter, she stated that after an incident in which an SPS officer called the rapist “son,” the officer immediately “apologized after realizing their mistake.”

The note to the Sunday Mail is not the first written complaint made by the perpetrator. In July last year, Bryson had said: “I am not doing well because of the abuse from staff members, all because I am transgender, and so are other prisoners.

“This prison is full of transphobic people. The police are involved because of the abuse associated with my gender. People will not stop being transphobic.”

In yet another letter, Bryson complained about having to wear men’s clothing in prison, and claimed he had been nicknamed “Mrs Doubtfire” by fellow inmates.

The SPS has said it is committed to promoting a culture of equal opportunities and diversity, while it is understood the service is providing unisex clothing to prisoners based on individual needs.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Prison Service said: “We do not comment on individuals.”

The letters follow a barrage of criticism of the SPS earlier this year after it failed to release prisoners’ views on trans prisoners in Scotland as part of a review of its policy on the management of transgender prisoners.

And despite the outrage over the Isla Bryson case, the agency’s official policy still allows transgender women to be placed in women’s prisons under certain conditions.