OnlyFans star Honeyy Brooks says being a sex worker has made her a better mother

One of OnlyFans’ top earners has defended her controversial profession, insisting it has made her a better person and mother.

Honeyy Brooks, a married mother of two living in rural Australia, earns up to $90,000 AUD (about £46,600) a month for sharing racy content on the platform.

But despite negative preconceptions about her chosen career path, Brooks has emphasized that it positively influences her parenting.

In a recent interview with Children’s potshe explained that she came across OnlyFans by chance and was not driven to it by desperation.

She told the site that she was already doing well with her existing business, but when a couple told her about the platform during a family vacation, she decided to look into it.

“I had no idea about OnlyFans, but I remember thinking, ‘oh my god, what an incredible business opportunity this is,’” she recalls.

“I had no desire for sex work. I just saw it as an opportunity to be rewarded for how hard I worked, and the income would reflect that.

Brooks then emphasized that she wants to pass on this entrepreneurial, self-starting spirit to her children.

“Not that I necessarily want to encourage them into the industry,” she clarified: “But I’m definitely going to encourage them to do what they dream of.”

Brooks said she was very careful about separating her work and her family(honeybrooksvip/Instagram)

Brooks is also the owner and founder of Honey’s Making Money – a coaching program for women who want to make money through OnlyFans.

And in her interview with Children’s potshe insisted that she drew clear boundaries between her various responsibilities, putting her children first.

“I’m very careful about how I separate my work from my family,” she said. “I have strict work hours and strict family times.

“So a normal day would look like working out, fueling my body with good food and then going to school. When the kids are at school, I come home and that’s business. I have an office that is locked, and everything is locked.”

She candidly continued: “It’s funny when you say that as a mother you do OnlyFans, people think you walk around the house with a dildo and do all these things in front of the kids and you get a lot of flack for that. .”

But, she emphasized, much of what she does is essentially administrative.

“There’s marketing, there’s Instagram. A lot of it is not sexual. “I will do payroll, I will have conversations with my manager, I will do coaching, I will have some personal conversations with clients,” she said.

“Then I log out and go pick up my kids and again, that’s family time, I’m not Honeyy anymore, I’m a mom.”

The content creator said working in the sex industry had taught her to be less judgmental(honeybrooksvip/Instagram)

Since launching her NSFW page, Brooks says she has grown as a person.

“OnlyFans has truly made me a better mother and improved my parenting skills,” she said. “I really believe that from the bottom of my heart.

“The whole industry has completely changed me as a person,” she added, and not just because she can now provide her family with a very comfortable life.

“It taught me so much more than a lifetime of working nine to five,” she said.

“For example, the industry has really taught me to be open-minded. Before I got into the industry I was a bit naive about it, I guess a bit judgmental of people, but it really taught me to let that go.

She continued: “It has taught me never to judge and to be open to different types of people because there are so many different people. And people like different things, you know… different things drive people, and that’s how they choose to live their lives, and that’s their privilege.

She also said her work had made her more resilient and autonomous.

“It’s a very independent job, you can become isolated and people may not agree with what you do,” she said, revealing that some of her family members have stopped talking to her because of her work.

“I was told I couldn’t be around my nieces and nephews anymore,” she complained.

And yet, she said, such negative attitudes have fueled her desire to speak out and destigmatize sex work.

“I want to take away the shame around it and have more open and vulnerable conversations about sex, about safety and sexual health,” she said.

Still, she was quick to emphasize that being a mother and sex worker isn’t easy, and that anyone thinking about following in her footsteps should keep some important points in mind.

“Although there are many mothers in the business making a lot of money, this is not for everyone, nor is it easy. It is just as difficult as any other case,” she said.

“Also remember that what happens on the internet, stays on the internet. Don’t do it because you want to make money quickly. Do it because you enjoy it.”

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