Environmental Protection and Innovation: Evercraft Lists Token on MEXC Cryptocurrency Exchange

Environmental protection technology meets blockchain: CO2 tracking made easy

Evercraft Ecotechnologies, a leader in environmental protection and technological innovation, is proud to announce the listing of their ECET token on prominent cryptocurrency exchange MEXC, effective April 22, 2024. The ERC-20 token, which provides the funding of sustainable initiatives on the Constellation network is now available for a starting price of 12 cents.

Holger Kuhlmann, CFO and co-founder of Evercraft Ecotechnologies GmbH, expresses the company’s mission to harmonize environmental conservation with technological progress. Founded in 2023, Evercraft leads transformative and environmentally friendly projects, working with the Agency for Green Technologies (AGT) to develop solutions that reduce dependence on primary resources. Their overarching goal is to rid the world’s oceans of waste and convert it into renewable energy to protect the planet for future generations.

One of their innovations is Advanced Carbon Absorption (ACA), a revolutionary process that converts CO2 into valuable carbon, reducing air pollution. Mario Wagner, CEO and co-founder, highlights the effectiveness of ACA in reducing the carbon footprint.

The listing of the ECET token on MEXC marks a pivotal moment for Evercraft as they advance their mission towards a cleaner future. Kuhlmann acknowledges the support of investors and the community and expresses his gratitude for the expanded accessibility facilitated by MEXC.

Evercraft plans to issue 900 million ECET tokens, providing not only financial rewards to investors but also active involvement in platform development. Kuhlmann underlines the token’s direct impact on the environment and its role in promoting sustainability.

To boost engagement, a 24-hour pre-sale is planned for April 21, with further details to be distributed via the Evercraft Ecotechnologies website. social media and Telegram channels.

Founded in 2023 in Austria, EverCraft Ecotechnologies GmbH serves as a hub for innovative and sustainable businesses and partners with AGT to pioneer resource-efficient technologies. For more information, visit evercraft.eco.

Company Press Contact:

Evercraft GmbH
Alexandra Kons
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REVENUE Public Relations
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Senior consultant
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