Mayawati accuses former MP of treason and insists BSP will work to end oppression of Muslims

Amroha (UP), April 21 Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) President Mayawati on Sunday accused Danish Ali, the sitting BSP MP who is now contesting on a Congress ticket, of betraying the party and the people.

“We have not betrayed the Muslim community. When a Muslim betrayed us, we did not punish the Muslim community, but this time too we gave the ticket to a Muslim candidate. I am sure you will make the BSP candidate win this time too,” she said.

Mayawati added that the BJP would not come to power easily at the Center this time.

“Their guarantees have no effect on the reality on the ground. They have only been concerned with protecting some people and this information has come to light in Electoral Bond that they are running their organization with their support. They have also politicized the central agencies. Amroha is known not only for its craftsmanship but also for its agriculture, but the current BJP government has not taken care of the farmers,” she alleged.

Mayawati said the condition of the Muslim minority community remains very poor and pathetic. There is an atmosphere of panic and fear in this society because of BJP and Sangh.

She added that the free food items provided by the central government will not do any good.

Mayawati reiterated that the BSP will make efforts to stop the oppression of the Muslim community and added that strict steps will be taken for the security of this community.

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