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  • New sidebar in WhatsApp Web provides easy access to chats, status and communities.
  • Smart dark mode and cleaner interface improve the usability of the web version.
  • Sidebar layout is set to extend consistency between Windows and macOS platforms.
  • Advanced AI features including chatbots and AI-powered image generation are coming to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is getting a new look on its web version. The company is testing a new layout with a sidebar for beta users.

This sidebar has clear icons on the left for chats, status updates, communities, and more. The new web design also offers a smart dark mode option and aims to look cleaner and less cluttered than before.

New sidebar and layout

WhatsApp Web Beta users get new sidebar layout and smart features

WABetaInfo first saw this updated user interface (UI). It should make the WhatsApp web easier to use and navigate for everyone.

While only some users can try it now, the new UI will likely be widely rolled out in the coming weeks. It even has special features for business users, such as broadcasting and shopping capabilities.

In this new layout, your profile settings and options are conveniently placed in the bottom left corner. WhatsApp may continue to refine the user interface before the official launch to ensure a smooth transition. The goal is to improve the user experience on the web with this sidebar layout.

Consistency across platforms

New sidebar in WhatsApp Web provides easy access to chats, status and communities

Users can expect this streamlined design approach to be consistent across devices, such as Windows and macOS computers. WhatsApp extends this new sidebar interface everywhere.

Beyond the web version, WhatsApp is also working on UI improvements for its Android and iOS mobile apps. Additionally, the company is integrating advanced AI from Meta into its messaging service.

This means that features like AI chatbots and AI-powered image generation like ChatGPT will be added to WhatsApp for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new in the latest WhatsApp Web update?

The latest update introduces a sidebar for easy navigation, with icons for chats, status updates and communities, along with a smart dark mode to improve visibility and reduce eye strain.

How will the new sidebar improve the user experience on WhatsApp Web?

The sidebar aims to simplify user interaction by organizing commonly used features such as chats and status updates in one accessible location, making the interface more intuitive.

When can users expect the new WhatsApp web design?

While the new layout is currently available to beta users, it is expected to be rolled out more widely to all users in the coming weeks.

Will the new WhatsApp Web layout be consistent across platforms?

Yes, the updated design ensures consistency across platforms including Windows and macOS, ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of device.

What advanced AI features will be integrated into WhatsApp?

WhatsApp integrates AI technologies from Meta, such as AI chatbots for interactive communication and AI-powered image generation, improving the app’s functionality.

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