The Ministry of Interior is urging people near Budhi Gandaki to remain vigilant

KATHMANDU, April 21: The Ministry of Home Affairs has urged people living near Budhi Gandaki River in Gorkha to remain vigilant against the possible impact of increased water flow in the river.

A massive avalanche from Mount Manaslu fell into Birendra Lake below the peak this morning, causing it to overflow. The lake is considered to be the origin of the Budhi Gandaki. Following the lake’s eruption, the water level in the river has risen significantly, prompting the Ministry of Home Affairs to issue a warning to people living in downstream areas near the river.

According to ministry spokesperson Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, the flooding could lead to significant losses. “And amid this possibility, we appeal to the people concerned to take preventive measures in time.”

However, the Gorkha district police station said the situation did not suggest an immediate risk of further losses. After reports of the disaster taking place, a police unit from the office immediately headed to the site for a response, it is said.