Rail bosses net windfalls of £1m

A lot is said, but this is really all that is wrong with Britain today. The directors of two of the country’s worst-performing rail services have each claimed more than £1 million in wages in the form of bonuses, despite their shocking track record.

Avanti, CrossCountry CEOs in the Money Amid Poor Performance

The bosses of Avanti West Coast and CrossCountry have been handsomely rewarded for their dubious service delivery efforts. A spokesperson for the former stated that “strong financial performance” facilitated these payments.

Avanti was recently in the crosshairs of Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, who is pushing for the company to lose its contract with the government. The Labor politician told the company director some truths when they met last month:

“Your company has caused enormous damage to our economy… since the timetable collapsed in 2022. All the things you said then, you say again today. Confidence is low. You are not solving problems for the country’s most important railway line.” | Andy Burnham

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Rail bosses are making a fortune despite massive service cancellations

The figures shared by the Daily Mirror this weekend really have to be seen to be believed. Avanti is leading the way in terms of cancellations, having terminated more than 16,000 services between March 2023 and March 2024.

First Group owns Avanti, and their CEO Graham Sutherland took home £1.2 million in salary and bonuses last year.

Meanwhile, CrossCountry has also racked up the cancellations. More than 9,000 trips have been canceled in the past twelve months, bringing the total between the two companies above the benchmark of 25,000.

Arriva owns CrossCountry, and CEO Mike Cooper had to make do with slightly less than his counterpart, raking in £1.1m in salary and bonus payments last year. It’s nice work if you can get it.