BJP Mumbai North East candidate Mihir Kotecha: ‘I will work on construction of Mulund Terminus’ | Mumbai News

Mihir Kotecha, the BJP candidate for the northeast Mumbai seat, spoke about his vision for the constituency in an interview with Sagar Rajput. Fragments:

Q: What is your vision for the North East constituency? How do you plan to convince voters after being chosen as the candidate over incumbent MP Manoj Kotak?

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Mihir Kotecha: I have set my objectives for the constituency, but to ensure that people’s expectations and my vision are aligned, I have started asking for suggestions. I will therefore include them in my manifesto.

But at the basic level, I have decided that I will work towards building a Mulund Terminus as many people from the Konkan region stay here and travel at least three times a year. It could also be a starting point for trains to Kutch and Uttar Pradesh.

I also want to close the dumping sites in Kanjurmarg and Deonar as they will affect people staying in the adjoining areas. I plan to move the dumping site far away from Mumbai and process the waste, which will help improve our environment.

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I also plan to create a good tourism zone in my constituency by building a park where migratory birds can be spotted and also an observation station on the top of the hill near Cypress area in Mulund.

I believe that the Eastern Expressway should be extended to Thane with exits at Ghatkopar, Vikhroli, Bhandup and Mulund and another exit connecting Airoli Bridge. I will work towards that as it will help us decongest the Airoli/Eastern Express Highway junction.

Q: Are you having any problems internally after replacing the sitting MP Manoj Kotak?

Mihir Kotecha: Everyone is supporting me because every cadre of the party is working with the idea that Modiji should be the Prime Minister of the country. We are emphasizing Agli Bar Charso Par and winning the North East constituency is important for that.

Question: Residents of Mulund are opposing two projects to house people in their area, including the rehabilitation of residents of Dharavi. How do you plan to help them?

Mihir Kotecha: I believe, first and foremost, that slums can only be successful if redevelopment is carried out on site, that is, by relocating them within three kilometers of their location. Only then will people agree to move, because otherwise you disrupt their social life. I have already opposed giving every plot of Mulund to such a project.

Similarly, another project is proposed to accommodate people affected by the project near Kelkar College in Mulund (East) and that project was started when Uddhav Thackeray was chief minister. We have been against this from day one and now the matter is before the courts.

Question: What do you think about the BJP’s alliance with the NCP as both parties have different ideologies? Do you think this will benefit or harm the party?

Mihir Kotecha: It is a process of nation building under the leadership of Narendra Modi-ji and anyone who joins Modiji’s vision is more than welcome. I clearly believe that the process requires initiative from everyone, so all those parties who agree with Modiji’s thought process have come here.

Q: You had sought suggestions from people to prepare your manifesto for the development of the constituency. How many suggestions have you received and can you discuss some of the suggestions put forward by the people of the North East constituency?

Mihir Kotecha: I have received more than 300 suggestions, but I have yet to analyze them. I announced that I would take the suggestions until April 21st. So I’ll go through those messages afterwards. By April 25, I will select a few that are feasible and I will include them in my manifesto.

Q: Recently your election campaign came under attack. Who do you think was behind that and what was the motive?

Mihir Kotecha: My opponents are frustrated because they can’t find anything against me. I was later told that a 12-year-old boy had attacked the vehicle and even the local deputy commissioner of police confirmed his role after verifying CCTV footage. The boy belonged to the Muslim community. The DCP then asked me what I wanted to do. Since I am not anti-Muslim and I did not want to spoil the “career” of a 12 year old boy, I did not want to file a complaint, but asked them to find out on whose instructions the boy was acting.