Russia says it has captured a village near Khasiv Yar, Ukraine

MOSCOW: Russia said on Sunday its forces had fully captured Bogdanivka, a frontline village less than three kilometers northeast of the Ukrainian-occupied town of Khasiv Yar.

Moscow has made a number of gains on the front in recent months, putting its lead under pressure as Kiev struggles with shortages of vital ammunition from its Western allies.

“Units of the southern troop group have completely liberated the Bogdanivka settlement,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a daily briefing.

Bogdanivka lies between Chasiv Yar and Bakhmut, a Ukrainian city that Moscow’s forces claimed to have completely captured in May 2023 after one of the bloodiest battles of Moscow’s two-year offensive.

Kyiv’s armed forces said earlier this month that the situation on the battlefield around Khasiv Yar was “difficult and tense” and that Russia was continuously unleashing fire.

Khasiv Yar, which had a population of about 13,000 before the conflict, has been largely destroyed by fighting and most residents have fled.