WhatsApp is working to protect users from spam and privacy

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in the world continues to strive to provide quality improvements to users who use its services. To ensure their protection, Meta’s app is therefore working on security improvements in the field of privacy and spam prevention.

With this, WhatsApp continues to show interest improving the user experience via different paths. Despite being the most popular messaging application, improvements are always needed to prevent the competition from closing the gap, so Mark Zuckerberg’s service is usually preparing constant updates to enrich its services.

Private listings and spam filters

As discovered by Wabetainfo through the currently tested beta versions, WhatsApp is testing some changes in the field of privacy and spam. In the first case it would be about implementing the possibility of execution private mentions within status updatesand the second change would prevent this new feature from being used for spam purposes.

With this improvement, WhatsApp users will have the ability to easily post private mentions in their statuses. by giving everyone the tools gain control over their privacy more easily and satisfactorily.

WhatsApp will change in 2024

WhatsApp has performed numerous improvements and changes since early 2024. One of the most noticeable was the interface change after a few years a design that had undergone few changes; However, in addition to the aesthetic changes, there have been other innovations, such as functions to filter chats more easily, and work is even already underway to implement artificial intelligence within the WhatsApp ecosystem.

In fact, WhatsApp has recorded it too privacy measures which, in addition to joining the European DMA, make its services one of the best most reliable and secure currentlythanks to the encryption of the messages and the protocols implemented to ensure that this information is stored securely.

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