How to get an Admin Frog Sword in Blade Ball

Learn how to unlock the Frog Admin Sword in Blade Ball in this guide.

First published Apr 21, 2024 9:49am

Want to know how to get the Frog Sword in Blade Ball? You are lucky! This guide provides all the steps you need to add this ultra-strong sword to your arsenal. It goes without saying that the Dev Dot Sword is overpowered, making you virtually invincible in your matches.

So it’s no surprise that so many Roblox players want to get their hands on it. While it Certainly won’t be easy, we’ve broken down the odds and explained what you need to do to unlock the Admin Frog Sword in Blade Ball.

How to Unlock Admin Dot Sword in Roblox Blade Ball

To unlock the developer version of the Frog Sword (or “Dot Sword”) in Blade Ball, you’ll need to reach Progressive Rewards Level 3 in Frog Spin during the limited-time Frog Gacha event, which ends on May 3. Once you get to this level, you should try to spin a Frog Blaster and then the Dual Frog Blaster again.

The Dual Frog Blaster allows you to spin for the Frog Devsword in Blade Ball. However, the chance that the price will fall is only 0.1% (that is a chance of 1 in 1,000). What makes it even more challenging to obtain is that you only get two free spins per day, with a guaranteed Frog Blaster only after every 50 spins.

spider frog sword blade ball

Note: The Frog devsword (or "Admin Dot Sword") must not be confused with the regular Frog Sword (21% odds) available via the Frog Spin in Blade Ball.

This means you will probably have to cough up at op of Robux for better chances of unlocking it. You can buy spins for 99 Robux each or 10 spins for 799 Robux (with a 20% discount). Please note that buying more spins still does NOT guarantee you will get the Admin Dot Sword in Blade Ball.

Basically, you have to be incredibly lucky to roll the Frog Sword in Blade Ball. Once obtained, this blade acts as a cheat item, protecting you from the ball and making it almost impossible to lose your match, especially if you combine it with skills like Dragon Spirit. The weapon description reads: “A slippery sword that unintentionally sticks out a little too well.

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And that’s all you need to know about how to get the Frog Sword in Blade Ball Roblox. We strongly recommend that you do NOT spend any money unless you are absolutely sure rolling cash and couldn’t be bothered to load a few thousand dollars on your mom and dad’s credit card.

Written by Chadley Kemp

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