Kate Beckinsale can’t take down the Christmas trees because of grief

Kate Beckinsale and Roy Battersby
Kate Beckinsale has posted a heartbreaking tribute to her late stepfather Roy Battersby (Picture: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram)

Kate Beckinsale has posted a heartbreaking tribute to her late stepfather Roy Battersby, confessing she can’t bear to take down her Christmas trees for fear of erasing the memory of their last weeks together.

The 50-year-old actress posted touching words on social media about what would have been Battersby’s birthday, along with some photos of him.

“The birthday we didn’t know was your last,” the Serendipity actress began in a poem for her deceased loved one.

‘There will be no FaceTime today / In the middle of my night I watch you open your presents / No one received gifts with more joy / I can’t take down my Christmas trees / They were the last Christmas trees I will decorate with you in the world / These birthday/not a birthday / Christmas/not Christmas / In April / Oh Roy, Oh God, I miss you.”

In addition to her heartfelt words, Kate posted photos of Battersby celebrating his most recent birthday, alongside photos of her sitting among the Christmas decorations, seemingly still from months ago before she was admitted to hospital.

In one photo, Battersby can be seen smiling as he walks in the sunshine, while in another he reads a birthday card. She also shared a photo of his cake, decorated with mini carrots, walnuts and professional-looking scribbles.

Kate Beckinsale surrounded by Christmas decorations
Kate can’t bear to take down her Christmas decorations (Picture: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram)
Kate Beckinsale's Christmas tree decorated with photos of her stepfather Roy Battersby
Kate has customized her decorated Christmas trees in tribute to Battersby (Picture: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram)
Kate Beckinsale's Christmas tree decorated with photos of her stepfather Roy Battersby
She doesn’t want to erase their last Christmas together by taking down decorations (Picture: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram)

Another featured Kate sitting alone, surrounded by her pink and white Christmas decorations, while the latter gave insight into the star’s grief, with a viral post that simply reads: ‘Due to personal reasons I’m going to scream.’

In a second post, Kate shared a video of a beautiful tree she had decorated with various photos of Battersby over the years – adding to the Christmas decorations she said they worked on together before his death.

The American actress also posted a carousel of other photos, starting with a photo of her mother Judy Loe looking at the camera, and a message saying: “I won’t let this hard, cold world steal my sweetness and fill me up with bitterness.’

Another video showed her stroking a cat’s face, and Kate also shared two quotes; one from Edith Siwell, which said: ‘I must say that I hope the coming year will be better than the last, which I think was absolute hell’, and another from Leo Tolstoy’s diary: ‘I have fallen in love or imagine that I have; went to a party and lost my head. I bought a horse that I don’t need at all.’

Kate then posted a photo of herself kissing a dog and a screenshot of an email she received from a dentist wishing her “dead dad a happy birthday.”

‘We are your dental team and we approve today’s cake! :)” the ill-informed post read, continuing, “Congratulations, Roy! On behalf of the entire office, we will work with you to create a birthday full of everything you love. Keep smiling!’

To end the heartbreaking email, Kate captioned the carousel with a heartfelt message for those who are also grieving.

Kate Beckinsale's stepfather, Roy Batters, reads a card
She shared photos of Battersby on his last birthday (Picture: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram)
Kate Beckinsale's stepfather Roy Battersby, walking in the sunshine
The actress also updated fans on how she dealt with grief (Picture: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram)

“Do all the things,” she began. ‘Wallowing, crying, celebrating, looking at the wall in disbelief. Send your mother flowers. Swim in thoughts with his idols. Googling. Talk to your safe person.

‘Avoid those that don’t have enough bandwidth for this. Insulate or not. Get dressed or not. Cuddle an animal or seven. Take a bath or two. Stay dirty. Google things he liked. Read his lyrics and feel the deepest pain you can feel. Feel it. Numb.

‘Watch Gladiator and wish a lion came at you instead of this. Realize Half The World Away by Oasis is the best song ever written.

‘Change your mind and hurry up. Man, I feel like a woman. Kiss a boy. Kiss a girl. Kiss the crook of your own elbow. Buy gourmet cookies that you can’t eat because your stomach hurts.

‘Maybe eat them anyway. Or not. Laugh and cry when you receive an email from a dentist you once took, wishing your late father a happy birthday. Do it all. Or do nothing. There is no map. I am with you all.”

Kate Beckinsale's mother Judy Loe
She sent flowers to her mother Judy Loe on what would have been Battersby’s birthday (Picture: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram)
Kate Beckinsale with a dog
She advised cuddling one animal – or seven (Photo: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram)

Battersby was a director, known for his work on major British TV productions including Inspector Morse and Cracker, with his most recent work being an episode of A Touch Of Frost eight years ago. His film credits include Red Mercury and Winter Flight.

When Kate announced his death in January, she said she was “speechless” and reflected on how she had fought for him “with everything she had.”

Battersby’s death announcement came shortly after Kate rushed to the hospital from the Golden Globes to see him.

Since March, Kate has been suffering from a mysterious health issue of her own, as she has posted several social media updates from the hospital in a private room at Cedars Sinai medical center – although she has kept the reasons for her stay private.

Earlier this week, Kate left hospital and shared a cryptic message in which she wore a T-shirt with the words: ‘Tummy issues survivor.’

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