Horrific footage of a machete brawl on the streets of London, with a car used in the attack

A crowd of pedestrians filmed as a white car maneuvered along Edgware Road, with two men following its movements

The man is seen brandishing a huge knife in the middle of a huge crowd of people (London and UK Street News)

Extreme violence closed London’s longest street this weekend when a machete-wielding knifeman brandished a knife during a brawl.

A crowd was seen gathering around a white car on the capital’s Edgware Road. Two men were seen following the movements before the driver of the white vehicle – which was decorated with an eagle sticker – appeared to try to plow it into the group of pedestrians.

The thugs were then seen attacking the car and apparently trying to pull the driver from the front seat. In footage that appears to have been recorded yesterday afternoon, screams can be heard in the background.

At one point, one of the suspects pokes through the open window with some sort of weapon. As spectators try to interrupt the violence, they are violently pushed back. One of the individuals is then seen trying to get the men out of the car. As he does so, the driver gets out of his vehicle and walks to the trunk, where he takes the enormous machete and begins attacking the men gathered around him.

As he moves away from the vehicle, the brawl continues as the armed man waves at the pedestrians. Instead of running away, a man appears to be looking for an opportunity to hit the knifeman as he hunts with the huge knife.

Social media users were shocked by the images, with one saying: “This is too much. The streets are not safe. Total lawlessness.” The Mirror has approached the Metropolitan Police for comment.