Popular Android phone gets a free upgrade with built-in ChatGPT AI

A POPULAR Android phone has been given a free upgrade with ChatGPT built-in.

British smartphone company Nothing is rolling out OS 2.5.5 for its Phone 2, which includes a number of additions, including AI integration.

Nothing has ChatGPT built in nowCredit: Rex
The AI ​​system is part of the latest update of the smartphoneCredit: Getty

There’s also support for Android’s UltraHDR – called Ultra XDR on Nothing devices, a RAM booster option, a new recorder widget and a new battery widget.

The ChatGPT compatibility will see a number of widgets: one for voice input, the other for text.

There will also be a new button on screenshot and clipboard popups to integrate that content with the AI ​​system.

Nothing’s ChatGPT integration also extends to Ear and Ear.

You’ll need to be paired with a Nothing phone, but when paired, either earbud can start voice calls using ChatGPT without ever taking the phone out.

However, the upgrade is currently not available for Phone 1 and 2a.

Nothing was greeted as a breath of fresh air when Phone 1 was released into the crowded smartphone scene in 2021.

The new Nothing Phone 2a was released last month.

What is Chat GPT and how does the AI ​​work?

ChatGPT’s success has raised some pretty serious questions about the future need for certain jobs, such as writers, graphic designers, and technology developers.

In technical terms, ChatGPT is a language model that can produce text.

What does that actually mean? It is essentially an artificial intelligence system that can create human-like text.

You can give it a prompt and it will create a piece of text that will continue.

And when it works correctly, it reads in natural language as if written by a human.

It is based on the GPT 3.5 model created by an AI research lab in San Francisco called Open AI.

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

A GPT ‘model’ can create AI-generated content – ​​so imagine a future where robots write more of what you see online.

That’s exactly what ChatGPT does.

And it can even have conversations, where you learn from the things you’ve said.

The internet’s favorite AI bot can talk to users like a human.

This means he can write poems, give baking advice, solve complicated puzzles and much more.

But an increasing number of tech developers and engineers are using the AI ​​bot as their own virtual assistant.

While some fear AI will soon make them obsolete, there are some jobs that many won’t trust AI to fill.

While AI is incredibly intelligent – ​​partly because the machine can process vast amounts of data that the human mind cannot process – AI is created by humans, which means human error remains one of its weaknesses.