The late Queen called Meghan Markle with sage advice during a difficult personal moment

Meghan Markle was surprised when she received a personal call from the late monarch, who contacted the Duchess to give her advice on a personal matter.

The late queen personally called Meghan to give advice(Getty images)

The late queen reached out to Meghan Markle to give her advice during a difficult personal time, Prince Harry has revealed.

The monarch called Meghan while the couple was having tea with Harry’s father, then Prince Charles.

Recalling the moment the phone rang in his tell-all memoir Spare, Harry wrote: ‘We all looked stunned. Meg hesitantly picked up the phone. It looked like Grandma called to talk about Meg’s father.

‘She was responding to a letter Meg had written to her, asking for advice and help. Meg said she didn’t know how to get the press to stop interviewing him and trick him into saying horrible things. Grandma now suggested that Meg forget about the press. Go to her father and try to talk some sense into him.”

He added, “Meg explained that he lived in a Mexican border town and she didn’t know how she was ever going to get through the airport, through the press around his house, then through that part of town, and back again, quietly . Grandma recognized the many problems with this plan. In that case, maybe write him a letter.

The Duchess of Sussex had a close relationship with her father growing up, but the pair have not seen each other since before her wedding to Prince Harry – which he did not attend.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, relationship expert Louella Alderson previously reflected on their fractured bond and suggested the pair are unlikely to ever be close again.

“Thomas Markle has spoken out about his estranged daughter several times since the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry, and he continues to do so even after falling out of contact with Meghan,” she noted.