Brisbane IGA is closing self-service and instead opting to return to face-to-face checkouts for employees

A Queensland supermarket has made the controversial decision to ax its self-service checkout.

An IGA in the Brisbane suburb of Greenslopes has decided to close its self-service option and return to face-to-face checkouts for employees.

Customers were reportedly informed of the closure thanks to a sign at the store, which cited a spike in shoplifting as the reason for the change.

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IGA Greenslopes has been contacted for comment.

Social media users were quick to jump on the news, Many said grocery shopping was “no longer about convenience.”

“It surprises me,” said one patron.

“Companies are doing everything they can to eliminate jobs, so who has money to buy (their) products?”

Many are reacting to the news said they lived in rural towns that didn’t have self-service anyway.

However, some suggested that, rather than backing down, most supermarkets would continue to improve security systems that had been the source of controversy in recent times.

This included implementing smart cameras that follow customers around the store, recording where they go and what they pick up.

“They are preparing for scan and track supermarkets,” one customer predicted.

“There will soon be no more cash registers.”

QUT retail expert Gary Mortimer told ABC Radio Brisbane on Wednesday that shoplifting in Australia costs retailers about $9 billion a year.

He warned that smaller and independent retailers such as IGA do not have the same security technology as larger supermarkets, making them easier targets for shoplifters.

“It shows that you either do it right and do it the expensive way with the full technology, or you do it with simpler things but you risk being exposed to theft,” Mortimer said.