Scammer gives cyber security tips to people, warns people about online fraud | Viral news

A man’s interaction with a scammer turned out to be a friendly conversation. The scammer gave the man tips about cybersecurity and even congratulated him on his marriage beforehand.

Scammer gives cyber security tips to man. Image credit: Pexels/X

New Delhi: Online fraud via WhatsApp is becoming increasingly common these days. One man took to social media to describe his interaction with an online scammer. Contrary to the usual stories, the man said the scammer gave him tips on cybersecurity and even congratulated him ahead of his wedding.

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@ChettyArun, a user on X, shared screenshots of the chat he had with a scammer on WhatsApp. The man wrote: “I spoke to another scammer today. I don’t know why I’m doing this, but here we go. It all started with some nasty WhatsApp messages trying to scam me. But in the end we wished each other the best of luck.”

Friendly conversation between man and scammer goes viral.

Friendly conversation between man and scammer goes viral.
Image credit: @ChettyArun/X

He continued and said, “I have received four to five such messages today from different numbers. They all send me an APK file on WhatsApp. I got irritated at first. Blocked all those numbers. But for this one particular one I decided to call him out and bash him. But then the weirdo in me wanted to have a chat.”

The user claimed that he had goaded the scammer into speaking about the fraud and the mechanism behind it. “I was curious what the APK does when it is installed. He said if I click on it it will basically forward all my messages to his number.

Then I started convincing him to know what they were going to do and how they could ultimately make money from this,” the man said.

The man added, “I told him that I keep receiving such messages with APK files and watch him protect me by saying, ‘Install nahi karna’.”

Man conversation with WhatsApp scammer

The It’s actually quite scary what you can do once you have access to someone’s number and text message inbox. First take over WhatsApp from the victim. Secondly, try to install all e-commerce and banking apps and sign in. OTP comes to them anyway. Once they have access to such apps, the sky is the limit. Card saved in e-commerce apps? Can perform CVV-less transactions up to a limit. TREE!”

Before closing the message, the user also said that the scammer congratulated him on his wedding in advance. The scammer also expressed a desire to contact the man outside of WhatsApp.

The message caught the attention of many. One wrote: “I swear this was more fun than any comedy show.” Another stated: “APK files have been given away dead. But what to do with the JPG files these guys send? Most people don’t even know that simple photos or sometimes coded texts without any meaning can be used to infect.”