Anupamaa Major Twist: Aadhya, Pari held hostage by gunmen | TV News

In the April 21, 2024 episode of Anupamaa, viewers will see Aadhya and Pari being held hostage by the gunmen at their school. In the sequence, Shruti also gets shot and Anu blames herself. Read the full story below for more information

Anupamaa Major Twist: Aadhya, Pari held hostage by gunmen

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, a shooting takes place at Pari and Aadhya’s school and they are taken hostage. Anupama and Shruti run to save them, but the latter is shot in the process. She is rushed to the hospital, leaving Aadhya in shock. Anu also visits the hospital where she calms down Aadhya, who is having a panic attack.

While the gunmen hold Pari and Aadhya at gunpoint, the latter gets an idea when she sees paint cans next to her. She takes it and sprays it on the shooter’s face, giving them time to escape. Anupama and Shruti run towards the children while a gunman aims at Anu from a distance. However, Shruti gets shot and Anuj runs to her. She is put on a ventilator while the doctors try to remove the bullet from her. Meanwhile, Aadhya looks shocked and speechless.