Karnataka Youth Congress chief trying to protest near PM’s convoy route, arrested

Bangalore: Two persons, including Karnataka Youth Congress president Mohammed Haris Nalapad, were taken into preventive custody on Saturday when they tried to protest near the Mekhri Circle here, about 300 meters from the route taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy on the was about to move, police said.

There is no evidence of any security breach, they said.

They tried to stage a protest with an empty ‘Chombu’ (a small, round water container) on a side lane near the route where Modi’s convoy would travel after the campaign rally at the palace grounds here.

“We have taken two people into preventive custody. Before the Prime Minister’s convoy was about to approach, they tried to protest on a side lane. We stopped them immediately,” said a senior police officer.

The Congress in Karnataka is running the ‘Chombu’ campaign, alleging less transfer of funds, neglect of drought-hit regions and highlighting ‘flanking differences’ between the BJP-led NDA government.

Chombu means water pot in Kannada. The Congress had launched a sarcasm-laced campaign claiming that the Modi government’s gift to Karnataka was ‘Chombu’. The term ‘Chombu’ symbolizes deception and emptiness.