Is Seth Macfarlane Planning the ‘Family Guy’ Movie? He reveals

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Seth Macfarlane has spoken about ‘Family Guy’ movie plans

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Seth MacFarlane, the creative force behind the popular animated series Family manhas shared his long-standing desire to develop a feature film based on the show.

Speaking at Paley Fest LA – celebrating the series’ 25th anniversary – MacFarlane revealed he had a concept for a Family man film in mind from the past 15 years.

Despite his enthusiasm, he admitted that it is difficult to find time for such a project.

Hulu launches new ‘Family Guy’ holiday specials

In addition to the film announcement, MacFarlane also announced plans for two exclusive films Family man episodes on Hulu.

In an interview with DeWraphe said, “It’ll be our Halloween and Christmas episodes, I expect.”

He further reiterated his belief in the show’s continued relevance, saying, “It still survives and thrives. It still has a significant audience and is a perfect example of there being an appetite for something.”

Macfarlane assured fans of the continued run of ‘Family Guy’

Despite his film aspirations, MacFarlane remains committed to the TV series. The show recently wrapped its 22nd season and will return for a 23rd.

In discussions about the future of Family manMacFarlane assured fans that he has no plans to end the series anytime soon.

He stated that its continuation largely depends on viewer demand, he noted in an interview with the LA times“I don’t see any good reason to stop. People still love it.”

‘The Journey of Family Guy: From Cancellation to Revival

Family man, which first aired on Fox in 1999, was canceled in 2002 due to low ratings. However, its success on DVD led to a revival in 2005 and has remained a mainstay on Fox ever since.

The show features the Griffin family and their talking dog Brian, with voice performances from MacFarlane himself and actors such as Alex Borstein, Seth Green and Mila Kunis.

Live reading of the upcoming episode ‘The Edible Arrangement’

Meanwhile, the cast also celebrated its 25th anniversary with a lively party on Friday, including a live reading of the upcoming episode titled The edible arrangement.

In this episode, Lois and Stewie form an unexpected bond after indulging in Brian’s weed-infused gummies.

Interestingly enough, it also features the first time Lois hears Stewie speak, prompting him to reveal his previous plan to kill her.

Additionally, the celebration included nine musical performances of classics from the series.