Steve Wall opens up about the tragic death of his niece Estlin: ‘My mother died of a broken heart’

Beautiful frontman Steve Wall has opened up about the tragic death of his niece Estlin.

The three-year-old died in a car accident in 2017. The incident also left Steve’s youngest brother Vincent with life-changing injuries.

His mother Patricia was absolutely devastated by the deep family loss.

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Steve remembered the day of the crash. He said: “It was a beautiful sunny day.

“I had taken my daughter to school and my mother called me from Limerick hospital. She could barely speak and told me there had been an accident.”

He told presenter Brendan Courtney on RTÉ’s Keys to my Life: “Vinny was taking his daughter Estlin to nursery, and Vinny was in a coma and Estlin wasn’t going to make it. It was one of those phone calls that leaves you completely numb.

“She was about a week shy of her fourth birthday.”

Steve described the character of young Estlin.

He said: “She was a lively little girl and cute as hell. She loved performing and dancing.

“She loved coming home and making pancakes with my mom. She was a little sweetheart.”

Steve Wall backstage at The Olympia in 1990

The driver of a truck was sentenced for reckless driving that killed Estlin Wall and caused serious bodily harm to her father, Vincent.

Steve said: “It was a truck driver trying to overtake a bus full of tourists. It was actually someone doing a hospital admission and doing something really stupid.

‘I remember every minute of it. It was basically the year from hell.”

The crash had serious consequences for Steve’s family, especially his late mother, Patricia.

He said: “Our mother was absolutely devastated, everyone was. She had cancer and it was treated successfully, but the cancer came back.

“She was in pieces after Eslen passed away because she spent so much time with her. She took care of her a lot.

“My mother died of a broken heart.”

Steve Wall with The Beautiful in 1991

Steve gains some comfort knowing that Estlin and his mother are now together.

He added: “I like to think that there is some great comfort somewhere and that they are both in each other’s arms.”

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