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Trent Alexander-Arnold says Liverpool and Arsenal’s defeats are as good as ‘handing’ the Premier League title to Manchester City, but Jurgen Klopp says the ‘hunters’ label could help them; Watch Fulham vs Liverpool on Sky Sports Premier League from 4pm on Sunday, kick-off 4.30pm

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7:27, UK, Sunday April 21, 2024

Defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal at the weekend may have won Man City the title, says Trent Alexander-Arnold Air sports – but Jurgen Klopp thinks being “hunters” suits his side best.

Man City entered last weekend’s Premier League round in third place in the table, chasing a record fourth successive Premier League win, but shock home defeats to their rivals left them two points clear at the top with still six games to go.

Liverpool were stunned at home by Crystal Palace on Sunday, before Arsenal also made a mistake against Aston Villa later the same day to hand Pep Guardiola’s side the initiative and see them finish top of the table for the first time since November.

These results were even more ominous for Arsenal and Liverpool given City’s form in the second half of recent seasons.

They are unbeaten since December 6 and have won eleven of fourteen matches since the middle of this season, says Liverpool defender Alexander-Arnold. Air sports to give City a clear route to victory so close to the end of the season was tantamount to handing over the Premier League trophy.

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“Arsenal have been through it, we’ve been through it two or three times. When you are in a title race with Man City, they are almost perfect,” he said.

“You can’t make mistakes or mistakes. When you give them the upper hand, they don’t really blink in those moments. They don’t seem vulnerable. It’s a well-oiled machine.

“That’s what they do, they click and they are unstoppable. Giving them this advantage with six games to go is almost like handing them the title. All we can do is hope that someone will do us a favor does and increases our goal difference.

“We have six games left, it will fly by. Our goal is to win every game – that’s all we can and try to capitalize. It will be difficult, but I have seen in recent weeks that the odds and percentages odds on who will win the league fluctuate with just one result. In the Premier League, anything can happen.

“They are a fantastic team with the squad they have, the manager. It’s hard to think they won’t win the game at this point. Stranger things have happened in the Premier League.”

Even after Liverpool’s defeat, City would have finished the weekend behind Arsenal in the title race had the Gunners continued their five-match home league winning streak and defeated Villa.

Alexander-Arnold felt that the Gunners’ first league defeat of 2024 may have been partly influenced by Liverpool’s defeat, and that the lure of going a point ahead of one of their title rivals proved too much of a distraction.

“If those games had been reversed and we were playing second and Arsenal were playing first, maybe there would have been a different mentality,” he said.

“It all comes down to mentality. I think our result played a role in Arsenal’s result. They may have gotten too excited and thought this was our chance, this is what we have to do.”

“Maybe they’ve been thinking about things, whereas if us and City both won, they thought ‘we just have to win’ rather than it being an opportunity to break away from the pack. “None of us have any interest in a three-horse race participated, so it’s difficult.”

Klopp: Hunters tag suits us best in the title race

Liverpool have played the role of ‘hunter’ on a number of occasions in recent years, nipping at the heels of Manchester City.

When the two are in a tight title race, they always come in second place, but Klopp said that Air sports This year could be the moment when Liverpool will upset the odds and beat their rivals to lift the trophy.

“Maybe this is the right time to become a hunter again – who knows,” he said. “We were playing our game and watching the Arsenal game with one eye: ‘oh, they lost that game’. That softens the situation a bit, but then people say Man City will win all their remaining games – of course they can .”

“Can we win football games? Can we be ourselves again? If we can do that, we have a good chance of doing something very special. And if not, then someone else deserves to be champion.”

“How do we go about it? With the fear of failure or the excitement of maybe succeeding. I want to succeed. Until someone proves me wrong, there is no other way to do it. We have in the past done. Let’s see.” I would like to get the chance on the last matchday, then we can see what we can do.”

Gary Neville thinks Liverpool ‘held on’ in title race, and now they’re starting to struggle towards the end of the season

Gary Neville hailed Liverpool’s title challenge as a ‘monumental achievement’ as he reflected on the disappointment of defeat at Palace last weekend, pointing out the Reds finished outside the Champions League places last season – and will also need to adapt in 2023 to a largely new midfield. 24.

When Klopp was given the same suggestion, he said he did not expect to lead Liverpool to this point in his final season, and that even a top-four finish would have been acceptable.

“Who would have thought that?” he said. “I wouldn’t have been angry if someone had told me at the start of the season whether we could just qualify for the Champions League.

“I wouldn’t have taken it at face value because you have to give the season a chance, but it has been a positive season. But if you asked people with a microphone after the Palace game, would they have said it was a great season?

“It’s not like that. We are influenced by things that have happened recently, but the task is to get a positive image again. It starts with me and I am in a good mood. I will do my best to handle that to give to the boys. The next big job is ahead of us.”

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