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OBSERVER Photos by Gregory Bacon Jamestown Auto Supply has moved to the former Kings Heating and Sheet Metal Inc. in Falconer.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been looking at real estate sales in Chautauqua County and recently examined transactions from Jan. 22 to 31.

During this period, Lyndon Development, LLC of Falconer sold 2878 Harmon Ave., Falconer to M&E Storage LLC of Falconer for $299,900. The parcel appears to cross the village boundary and extend into the town of Ellicott.

A real estate site describes the property as a commercial/industrial facility with approximately 20 acres of land. There is one large warehouse on the site of 8,400 square meters and a second warehouse building of 3,743 square meters. There is also an office trailer.

The building appears to be empty. Ellicott town officials said any development plans would come through the village of Falconer. Village officials did not respond to a request as to whether plans have been submitted for the property.

M&E Storage LLC purchased 2878 Harmon Ave., Falconer for approximately $300,000.

In a separate sale, Kings Royal Properties, LLC of Falconer sold 137 S. Work St., Falconer to Falconer Property 137, LLC of Falconer for $210,000. This was the location of Kings Heating and Sheet Metal Inc. That location is now home to Jamestown Auto Supply.

Jamestown Auto Supply opened its new location on February 28, according to the company’s Facebook page.

King’s Heating and Sheet Metal, Inc. had been in business since 1946. In 2021, the company was featured in a Post-Journal article, noting its 75th anniversary.

Including the aforementioned purchase, there were five sales of $250,000 or higher from January 22 through January 31. The remaining top sales are as follows:

– 6139 Lookout Ave., Dewittville, town of Chautauqua, sold for $625,000.

– 3944 South Nesmith Ave., Ellery sold for $320,000.

– 10 Constance Circle, Jamestown, sold for $285,000.

– 4 Holmes Place, Fredonia sold for $252,000.

In total, there were a total of 106 transactions between January 22 and 31. The full list of sales over $1 is as follows:


The Ralph C. Rowe Revocable Trust sold Home B5, NorthShore in Chautauqua, 20 Elm Lane, Chautauqua Institution, City of Chautauqua, to Firelands II, LLC of Avon, Ohio for $13,500.

Nathan Anderson sold 287 Hallock St., Jamestown, to William Reynolds IV for $96,000.

Jon Steiger sold 64 Center St., Fredonia, to David McDonald and Michelle Borde for $166,000.

Nicholas Smith sold 352 Price St., Jamestown to Royal Housing, LLC of Jamestown for $18,000.

Bradley Mason sold 869 North Main St., Jamestown to Abdulla Abuhamra for $35,000.

David Sharpe sold 6139 Lookout Ave., Dewittville, Chautauqua city, to The Magovern 2016 Family Trust for $625,000.

Josephine Conti sold 144 Barrett Ave., Jamestown to Abdulla Abuhamra for $18,000.

Dakota Nyweide and Kaitlin McMaster sold 10 Constance Circle, Jamestown, to Lawrence and Jerry Marsh for $285,000.

The executor of Glen Harold Dickerson Jr.’s will. sold 117 East Everett St., Ellicott to Erik Alicea for $99,900.

The executor of Mary Halasinski’s will sold 214 Franklin Ave., Dunkirk to Alexander Szalczewski and Thelma Nottingham for $100,000.

Mary Bergman sold 178 Barrett Ave., Jamestown to Abdulla Abuhamra for $25,000.

Raymond and Julie McGill sold 3172 Ramsey Road, North Harmony to Mathew and Allison Sullivan for $67,500.

Matthew Scolton sold 617 Spring St., Jamestown to Shad Lazaro Claiborne for $17,000.

Kevin and Cheryl Sirwatka sold 8 East 4th St., Jamestown to Jeffrey and Alexandria James for $160,000.

Bryant Gauggel II sold 12 Myrtle St., Jamestown to Chautauqua Rental Properties, LLC of Jamestown for $15,000.

James Campion sold a plot of land on Mead Road, Busti to Christopher Buffone, Gwendolyn Marsden and Kathryn Higginbotham for $2,000.

Robert and Kathleen Edwards sold 400 Sandberg Road, Frewsburg, town of Carroll, to Justin Lingenfelter for $10,000.

Adam Price sold 84 Falconer St., Frewsburg, town of Carroll, to Christine Digirolamo for $50,000.

The executor of Patrick Lucariello’s will sold 4918 Rt. 430, Chautauqua and Ellery, to Adam Blanchard for $5,500.

The executor of Jacqueline Wisniewski’s will sold 2185 Mill Creek Road, Charlotte to Jeffrey and Lisa Payne for $65,000.

Eun Kyung Lapp sold 4 Holmes Place, Fredonia, to Katharine Hoffman for $252,000.

John Newton sold 10550 West Main Road, Ripley, to Hewitt Meeder for $83,000.

David and Nancy Hawley sold 701 W. 8th St., Jamestown to Porter-Blair Smith Properties, LLC of Jamestown for $150,000.

Rosemary Mancuso and Mary Jane Mancuso Starks sold 90 Temple St., Fredonia to Kenneth Langworthy for $115,000.

John and June Chiarot sold a lot on Rt. 430, Ellery to Noah and Rebecca Allen for $23,500.

Katie Castro and Andrew Sloan sold 2748 Bentley Ave., Ellicott to Megan Sixbey for $169,000.

The executor of Roberta Nogle’s will sold 77 S. Portage St., Westfield to Dennis Sherman for $150,000.

Michael Evans sold 114 Vega St., Jamestown to Randall Scott for $60,000.

Belusa Holdings, LLC of Westfield sold 2099 Buffalo St. Ext., Ellicott to C5 Project, LLC of Jamestown for $98,000.

Brian and Jennifer Masciadrelli sold 16 Leverett St., Fredonia to Kendall and Cashel Mulkins for $169,000.

Craig Rotunda sold 7960 Rt. 474, Clymer to Joann Kopta for $110,000.

Mark and Brenda Drummond sold 10706 Brigham Road, Town of Dunkirk, to Mark Drummond Jr. for $12,500.

Jason Goodwill sold 2663 Rt. 76, Sherman to Joseph Jr. and Linda Bittinger for $20,000.

Walter Troyer Jr. sold a lot on French Creek Road, Mina to Uria Yoder and Leah Miller Yoder for $25,000.

Kirk and Michelle McDowell sold 119 E. Virginia Blvd., Jamestown to Brian and Theresa Nelson for $245,000.


Jonathan Blanchard sold three lots in Falconer Street, Carroll to Jeffrey Lewis Jr. for $70,000.

Nancy Meyers sold a lot on Bacheller Hill Road, Pomfret to Barry and Gayle Wilcox for $35,000.

Martha Lee sold a lot on South Gale Street, Westfield to Justin Henzler for $18,500.

Mark Conklin Jr. sold 525 Winsor St., Jamestown to Margaret Ziemba for $199,999.

Shawn and Elizabeth Merwin sold 4734 Berry Road, Pomfret to Jose Torres Jr. and Laura Gonzalez for $215,000.

Levi and Katie Miller sold 8474 S. Dayton Silver Creek Road, Villenova to Zachary Klisiewicz and Taylor Mitchell for $103,000.

Michelle Ruia sold a parcel on Hanover Road, Hanover to Peter and Vicki Krupa for $32,500.

Jamestown Development Company III, LLC of Brooklyn sold 40 Winsor St., Jamestown to 40 Winsor Place, LLC of Jamestown for $150,000.

Steven O’Brien and Elizabeth Curtin-O’Brien sold 610 Washington Ave., Dunkirk to Antonio Hill, Jr. for $85,000.

A trustee of the Joan B. Kimmel Trust sold 4791 Chautauqua Ave., Ellery to Bethany Dahlberg for $185,000.

A Mary Wall referee sold 52 Thayer St., Jamestown to Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company for $36,225.

The executor of Caroline Margaret Wood’s will sold a lot on East Main Road, the towns of Dunkirk and Pomfret to Susan Bell for $17,500.

Kings Royal Properties, LLC of Falconer sold 137 S. Work St., Falconer to Falconer Property 137, LLC of Falconer for $210,000.

Kenneth Langworthy sold 6 Reese Parkway, Fredonia, to Randy Draggett and Randy Draggett Jr. for $209,900.

James Jr. and Ruth White sold 212 Woodcrest Ave., Busti to Sharon Soehnlein for $141,000.

Donna Stage sold 5276 Rt. 430, Ellery to Jeremiah Woltz for $90,000.

Joseph and Samantha Zatz sold 3944 South Nesmith Ave., Ellery to Robert Jr. and Mary Rauch for $320,000.

Jeffrey and Katie Ireland sold 4623 Anderson Drive, Ellery to Joseph and Samantha Zatz for $359,000.

Wendy Spinuzza sold 39 White St., Fredonia to Ka Property Plus of Falconer for $135,000.

Mar Properties of Western New York, LLC of Jamestown sold 416 W. Main St., Falconer to Michael Swanson for $170,000.

Douglas and Joy Bartlett sold 246 Lincoln Ave., Dunkirk to Javier Torres De Los Santos for $65,000.

Sharon Soehnlein sold 57 Conewango Ave., Ellicott to Michael Colburn and Heather Mundaniohl for $142,000.

Lyndon Development, LLC of Falconer sold 2878 Harmon Ave., Ellicott and Falconer to M&E Storage LLC of Falconer for $299,900.

Jeremy and Amy Eberlein sold two lots on Shadyside Road, Mina to Michael Gorey for $125,000.

Natalie Zorn sold a lot on East Main Road, Portland to Randall Harriger for $2,000.

Thomas Pazderski sold 5290 Stockton-Hartfield Road, Stockton to Marvin Troyer for $50,000.

Laura Chase sold 76 West Virginia Boulevard, Jamestown to Atticus of Chautauqua, LLC of Westerville, Ohio for $37,500.

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