Hi-tech super-speed thief, snatched an ATM worth Rs 26 lakh in just 17 minutes

Alwar. The miscreants uprooted the ATM of the Punjab National Bank from the industrial area of ​​Khairthal, adjacent to Alwar. The miscreants snatched the ATM from the car. Then they held him in and took him away. It is said that cash worth around Rs 26 lakh was filled in the ATM. The police investigated the scene of the incident. The suspects are searched based on camera images. But no trace of them has been found yet.

According to police, this incident took place at the PNB ATM near Indus Company on Ismailpur Road in Khairthal. There is a Rajkumar tea stall near the ATM. When Rajkumar reached there at 4 am on Sunday to open his tea tray, he found the glass of the ATM broken. The ATM shell was on its side. Seeing the situation there, he informed the company security guard Deepak and others nearby.

On Saturday itself, cash worth Rs 28.5 lakh was put into the machine.
Kishangarhbas DSP Rajendra Singh reached the spot as soon as information about the incident was received. He inspected the place and took complete information from the local residents and the bank management. The PNB branch manager said that since Sunday was a public holiday, cash worth Rs 28.5 lakh was deposited in the ATM on Saturday itself. From this, cash worth around Rs 2.5 lakh has been withdrawn. The ATM is said to have cash worth around Rs 26 lakh.

The ATM is located opposite the Khairthal-Tijara Reserve Police Line
The CCTV camera installed there shows that a car had passed by and stopped there at 2.17 pm. The miscreants who entered committed the crime in just 17 minutes. They uprooted the ATM and returned at 2:34 p.m. Tatarpur police officer Ankesh Chaudhary also inspected the spot. Saw the footage from the CCTV camera installed there. The place where this PNB Bank ATM is installed is opposite the Khairthal-Tijara Reserve Police Line.