Hardik Pandya should say: I don’t know how long I will be able to play cricket…Uthappa’s statement

New Delhi. Before starting the current season of the Indian Premier League, Mumbai Indians made Hardik Pandya the captain of the team in place of Rohit Sharma. The fans didn’t seem happy with this decision and in the initial matches they booed Hardik vigorously during the match. This kind of behavior is criticized everywhere. While talking about Hardik Pandya, former Mumbai Indians batsman Robin Uthappa expressed his heartfelt sentiments.

Uthappa spoke openly about this on BearBiceps YouTube channel. He said, “Hardik Pandya must have said that if I return to Mumbai Indians, I would like to take the same responsibility after playing as captain for another team. I would also like to return to this team as captain. – Did he do something wrong? I tell these things according to them. Is there something wrong with what he did?”

He further said, “He may have said that look: I have no idea how much more cricket I will be able to play, so I want a good deal in terms of money too. -So there’s nothing wrong with it in any way. As I told you earlier, the career of us cricketers is very short. So we want to get the most out of it in the short time we have.”

“Hardik Pandya wanted Mumbai Indians to win so he made a comeback as they had been losing for the last three seasons and he was not part of the team for the last few seasons. This was his goal for the team and according to him he was absolutely right. So where does their fault lie in this?”

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