An Incredible List of Norman Reedus Movies and TV Shows

Norman Reedus Movies and TV Shows

The Greatest Films and TV Series of Norman Reedus Rotten Tomatoes claims that Norman Reedus, whose character is so adored that he may soon have his own spin-off, has been a major contributor to The Walking Dead’s popularity. Daryl isn’t Reedus’s only well-known character, though.

It’s time to highlight Reedus’s accomplished career, which includes a role in Antibodies and a sweet relationship with Sean Patrick Flanery’s character in Boondock Saints.

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Here is the List of Top 10 Norman Reedus Movies and TV Shows:

10. Boondock Saints (1999)

A pair of identical twin brothers set out to eradicate evil and crime from their hometown. But soon after, Willem Dafoe, an FBI special agent, starts pursuing them.

This movie was outstanding and undoubtedly merited greater praise from critics. Featuring a characteristically captivating performance by Dafoe, this movie also contributed to the widespread recognition of Reedus. Boondock Saints is a fantastic vigilante thriller that has developed a devoted cult following.
Norman Reedus Movies and TV ShowsNorman Reedus Movies and TV Shows

9. Gossip (2000)

A class project that some students choose to work on is based on rumors. But the rumors spread soon enough to create a terrifying situation.

This early 2000s teen thriller, which also starred a teenage Lena Headey, provided Reedus with another chance to showcase his promise in a leading role. This might have gone unnoticed if not for the second part of the plot, which had some unexpected turns.

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8. Meskada (2010)

The mission of a detective is to look into the killing of a boy. It takes him back to his underprivileged upbringing.

Despite Reedus’s diminished role as the movie’s main character, this one captured viewers’ attention by demonstrating how a community might respond to secrets coming to light. However, a few reviewers had issue with the movie’s coherence and lack of reality.

siixx jpg An Incredible List of Norman Reedus Movies and TV Showssiixx jpg An Incredible List of Norman Reedus Movies and TV Shows

7. Six Ways to Sunday (1999)

Reedus plays an eighteen-year-old teenager who becomes entangled in the local mafia. The main focus of the movie is on how his mother tries to protect him.

Not for everyone, this unsettling black comedy features scenes of sexual repression and incest. Nevertheless, since Reedus starred in the movie, it satiated his followers. The film is definitely worth seeing because it took viewers on a journey full of twists and turns.

6. Sky (2015)

Diane Kruger, a woman, embarks on a journey across the Californian desert that will change her life. She utilizes it as a means of escape after divorcing her spouse.
Critics have divided themselves totally over this drama. While some thought it was a fascinating case study of someone looking for something different, others found it to be ridiculous. In this performance, Reedus displayed a different side; generally, he was outstanding as a cancer patient.

beat An Incredible List of Norman Reedus Movies and TV Showsbeat An Incredible List of Norman Reedus Movies and TV Shows

5. Beat (2000)

The last few weeks of writer Joan Vollmer’s life in 1951 Mexico are the subject of this movie. She dies accidentally as a result of it.
The film’s terrible conclusion was expertly depicted by all of the principal stars. But it wasn’t well welcomed by some reviews. Despite his high level of energy, Reedus was unable to fully salvage it.

4. Blade II (2002)

In a follow-up adventure, Wesley Snipes makes a comeback as Blade. He is still on his quest to keep vampires away from people.

It was fantastic to see Reedus play such a shocking adversary in the role of Scud, who was a fascinating character. With some amazing action sequences, director Guillermo Del Toro raised the stakes, and in some respects, it was even better than the original.

sun1 jpg An Incredible List of Norman Reedus Movies and TV Showssun1 jpg An Incredible List of Norman Reedus Movies and TV Shows

3. Sunlight Jr. (2013)

Abuse from an ex and an unforeseen pregnancy can jeopardize a couple’s stability. They seek to break free from the cycle of poverty as members of the working class.
This was also enhanced by some outstanding performances from Matt Dillon and Naomi Watts, with Reedus in peak form. The film is not among Reedus’ most rewatchable due to its gloomily dismal tone. But it also sent a very significant message about the realities of many lives, which are frequently disregarded.

2.Antibodies (2005)

A police officer starts questioning a serial killer after he is taken into custody. However, things take a turn when the cop’s opinions are questioned during the interrogation.
Despite Reedus having less of a leading role, this German thriller deserves to be seen more widely. The movie does a good job of reimagining the serial-killer drama subgenre’s procedural dynamics.

walk An Incredible List of Norman Reedus Movies and TV Showswalk An Incredible List of Norman Reedus Movies and TV Shows

1.The Walking Dead (TV Series)

When Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes emerges from a coma, he finds that everything has altered due to a zombie apocalypse. Daryl Dixon is among the group of survivors he soon meets. This program revolutionized television and made Reedus a household name. Reedus was so beloved at his initial audition for Michael Rooker’s Merle role that Daryl had to be created from scratch. One of the best choices made throughout the series turned out to be that one.

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  1. Which is the best show of Norman Reedus?

    The Walking Dead