Splitsvilla X5: Sunny Leone loses her cool after Siwet Tomar, Digvijay Singh Rathee and others get into a physical fight; says: “Animals have a better code of conduct than you”

The latest episode of Splitsvilla X5, infused with drama from Uorfi Javed, featured intense clashes following Oracle’s revelations. Lakshay’s… Read More
The latest episode of Splitsvilla X5 was filled with very intense drama and controversies. Uorfi Javed introduced a new twist in the show by combining ‘Ex-Isle’ and ‘Splitsvilla’. After the round of dumping, Uorfi called 11 contestants on the show, who were ex-partners of the current contestants. This not only left everyone shocked but also caused huge fights between the participants.

It all started when Dev and Ameha went to the Oracle and asked if they were an ideal match. The answer came as no and this left them heartbroken. Later, Uorfi entered the show and announced that she had to make a big naughty move. She then called the show’s exes.

Lakshay was asked if he wanted to talk to Anicka about something. When he started talking to her, she started crying. Siwet consoled her and asked her to calm down. However, when Lakshay came to talk to her, he had a big argument with Siwet. Later, Digvijay tried to support Lakshay and that got the two of them into a huge fight.

The fight got worse and some participants were even injured. This left Sunny and Tanuj furious. They asked the participants to calm down and stop fighting. Sunny said, “I understand that you guys are all pumped up on emotions right now, but this is not how you are behaving. This is just very wrong and I’m not okay with it. You are people and not animals. But even animals have a better code of conduct than you do. When you hit someone, you are in their private space and you need to understand that.”

Tanuj agreed with her and gave one final warning to the participants.

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