Nani’s son Junnu’s heartwarming reaction to watching the re-release of ‘Jersey’ with parents

In frame: Nani with son Arjun (L), Nani in Jersey

In frame: Nani with son Arjun (L), Nani in Jersey

The popular sports drama is released five years after its release Jersey Starring Nani and Shraddha, Srinath returned to theaters for a special re-release on April 20. This time, the film had a brand new audience member: Nani’s son Arjun, also known as Junnu!

Nani, along with his wife Anjana Yelavarthy and Junnu, saw a screening of the film at the Sudarshan 35 MM theater in Hyderabad. Photos and videos taken by fans show a happy Junnu, beaming as fans surrounded him. In another heartwarming moment, Nani is seen gazing lovingly at his son as he stands up with the audience during an emotional scene in the film.

After watching the film, Nani shared a heartfelt message on social media, saying, “Today it felt like Arjun (his character in the film) came back from the sky to relive the journey and say goodbye again. The heart is heavy and full.”

Anjana also started working on it Instagram, in which he shared a video of Junnu playing the Jersey theme song on the piano for his father. Apparently Junnu had just learned the song, which added a special touch to the family’s movie night. “Junnu just started learning the theme song yesterday,” Anjana wrote, “It’s a work in progress, but needless to say, both my ‘Arjuns’ make my heart swell with pride!”

Anjana also reminisced about the first time she saw Jersey, highlighting the film’s lasting impact. “Today I celebrate the 5th anniversary of my most favorite movie ‘Jersey’!” she wrote. “I can still vividly remember the experience of watching it in the theater – cheering, support for the characters… Also shouting of course!”

With the Jersey re-releases that brings back memories and emotions, fans can also look forward to Nani’s upcoming projects. He will next be seen in Vivek Athreya’s Saripodhaa Sanivaam and has lined up films with directors Srikanth Odela and Sujeeth.