What is a bridal retreat? Expert sheds light on how it can help

As the Baisakhi season comes to an end, the June wedding season is fast approaching. If you’re a summer bride-to-be and worried about your big day, a bridal retreat, also called a wedding retreat, might be just what you need.

However, the concept of wedding or marriage retreats is not well known in India. That’s why we spoke to Ekta Shah, the founder of HereComesTheBride, and an experienced bridal stylist, to find out more about this unique experience. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about bridal retreats.

What is a wedding retreat or bridal retreat?

A bridal or wedding retreat is a 2 to 3 day outing specially put together for brides-to-be. It offers them the opportunity to connect and bond with other brides, and participate in various experiential masterclasses led by industry experts such as lawyers, consultants, spiritual teachers and intimacy coaches. These classes teach and guide brides-to-be with everything they need to be ready for their new journey to marriage.

According to Ekta Shah, bridal stylist and founder of HereComesTheBride, “A bridal retreat is a space for femininity, where we celebrate the bride and create a safe environment for brides to connect and answer their many questions about married life.”

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Why do you need a bridal retreat?

Through extensive research and her own personal journey as a bride, mother and bridal stylist, Ekta Shah realized that the wedding industry is full of shopping, jewelry, clothing and venue resources, but there is no one to answer the crucial questions about them. . wedding. She pointed out that everyone gives all importance to the wedding day and no one to the wedding, which makes brides feel lost after the wedding festivities are over. This is where a bridal retreat comes into play.

With personal sessions with various experts, brides can get all their questions answered, whether it’s about marriage, self-care, intimacy or their legal rights. But do not worry! Bridal retreats are not all serious. They also include a grand bridal shower, free time to relax and the opportunity to bond with other brides who feel the same way.

How much does a marriage retreat cost?

A bridal retreat is typically a lavish two- to three-day affair or a getaway to a luxurious estate, where the bride can relax and enjoy various activities while creating unforgettable memories.

According to expert Ekta Shah, the cost of a bridal retreat can range from INR 65,000 to INR 1 lakh depending on the location, duration and activities involved.

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Image credits: HereComesTheBride