Accident in Rajasthan: Speeding trolley hits van full of wedding guests in Jhalawar, Rajasthan, 9 dead, 9 killed in Jhalawar Rajasthan as trawler rams into van near Aklera

Jaipur. A horrific road accident has taken place in Jhalawar, Rajasthan. 9 people were killed in this traffic accident. According to police, a van full of wedding guests was hit by a speeding trolley at Aklera police station in Jhalawar district this morning. This has caused so many people to die. One more person was seriously injured in the accident.

The severity of the collision between the van and the trolley shows that the van was blown to pieces. After receiving information about the accident, the police arrived on the scene and carried out relief and rescue work. According to police from Aklera police station, the people traveling in the van had gone to Dungri, Madhya Pradesh, to attend a wedding ceremony. They returned to Dugargaon. The van full of wedding guests was near Pachola on NH 52 when a speeding trolley hit the van. As soon as the accident happened, there was a protest in the van. Police have confirmed the death of Aklera residents Ashok Kumar, Rohit, Hemraj, Sonu, Deepak, Ravi Shankar, Rohit, Ramakrishna and Rahul in the accident. Their ages are all between 16 and 33 years old.

According to Aklera police, a collision took place between a van and a trolley on Bhopal road, about 5 kilometers from the police station. The condition of the van was very poor due to the collision. Somehow the people in there were evacuated. The injured were taken to a nearby community health center. Where 9 passengers had lost their lives even before reaching the destination. The injured person is being treated.