Imran Khan on Tackling Major Depression; says he was barely able to function: “Did my best to disappear”: Bollywood News

After a hiatus of almost nine years since his last film, Katti Batti in 2015, actor Imran Khan made headlines for his active social media presence. Unlike many actors who are gradually disappearing from the public eye, Imran has been in touch with his fans, sparking speculation about a possible comeback to the silver screen. His recent revelations about a ‘mental health scare’ and prioritizing his well-being have shed light on the personal struggles behind his absence from the film industry.

Imran Khan on Tackling Major Depression; says he can barely function: ‘I did my best to disappear’

In a candid interview with Film Companion, Imran Khan opened up about the pivotal moment that led to his decision to quit acting. He revealed that a ‘mental health scare’ prompted him to reassess his life and put his wellbeing before his career. Imran revealed that this realization dawned on him around 2016-2017, prompting him to make significant changes to his lifestyle and mindset.

Imran Khan’s journey of self-discovery began when he faced the reality that he was not ‘healthy, strong, capable’ as he previously believed. This revelation forced him to shift his focus to improving his mental and emotional health. He acknowledged that although being an actor had been his passion and profession, he recognized that this was “optional” compared to the essential aspects of his well-being.

“The week before Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na released, no one cared when I walked down the street; the week after the movie came out, suddenly people are chasing my car,” he said, adding, “A movie is not doing well, the same industry people who were eager to show up and pat me on the back suddenly it’s like: ‘You’re out of season, you have the wrong taste’.”

Imran Khan added, “During those years I just wasn’t able to do these things. I could barely function. When you are dealing with deep and severe depression, just getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth and taking a shower is quite a challenge.” He also made sure to attend his therapy sessions.

The actor added that he did his best to disappear and was not attached to fame. ‘I did my best to disappear. I didn’t come into contact through those wires. You know how desperately people cling to the spotlight, I don’t. I did the exact opposite of what you should do to stay relevant. But here we are, and here I am,” he said.

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