‘Tech city to tanker city’: PM Modi blames Congress for Bengaluru’s water woes

Bangalore:Prime Minister Modi claimed he wants to move the country forward in a number of areas, including green energy and electronics, while the aim of the INDIA alliance was to remove him from office. Prime Minister Modi launched a blistering attack on the Congress, accusing it of being “anti-investment, anti-investment”. entrepreneurship, anti-private sector, anti-taxpayer, anti-wealth creator.”

At an election rally here, the Prime Minister attacked the Congress government in Karnataka, saying the party has turned the “tech city into a tanker city” and cuts are being made in agricultural and urban infrastructure.

He said people should be “on high alert from Congress” as “the thoughts and ideology promoted by it are “dangerous.”

“Modi says he will make the country a green energy hub, a pharmaceutical hub, an electronics hub, an electric vehicle hub, a semiconductor hub and a global innovation hub, making India a hub of the global economy. But the Congress and INDI alliance people say they will remove Modi,” he said.

“It is Modi’s guarantee that after 5G we will now launch 6G, they say they will remove Modi. It is Modi’s guarantee that we will introduce AI, but they say they will remove Modi. It is Modi’s guarantee that after Chandrayaan we will will do Now make India proud of Gaganyaan, they say, they will remove Modi. Congress is anti-youth, because it is anti-investment, it is anti-entrepreneurship, it is anti-private sector, it is anti-taxpayer, it’s anti-economy.

“The kind of thoughts and ideology being promoted by the Congress government in Karnataka is very dangerous. Our daughters are being attacked, bombs are exploding in the markets and people are being attacked for listening to religious songs. These incidents do not occur often. brothers and sisters to remain on high alert with Congress,” he added. The Prime Minister said that popular support led to the formation of strong governments in 2014 and 2019 and that today India “is not a follower, but has become the pioneer”.

“In 2014 and 2019, you gave us a record number of votes and formed a strong government that has strengthened the country. India was considered one of the five vulnerable economies of the world… Indian banks were in crisis. Scams worth thousands of crores had scared foreign investors. We saw those days, and we see these days too,” he said.

“The world wants to strengthen its relations with India. Investors want to make record investments in the country. India is doing record exports and also creating new records in manufacturing… Today India is not a follower, it has become the pioneer This change has happened in ten years. What is the reason for this change?…The reason for this change is your vote,” he added.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the government’s efforts to promote self-reliance in defense and exports. He attacked the Congress over earlier allegations that the government was “neglecting” Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

“Yesterday, the first consignment of India’s Brahmos missile was sent to the Philippines. This has generated employment on the ground in large numbers. Could all this have been imagined during Congress’ rule? HAL across the country now has record sales, record profits and record orders,” he says.

“Asia’s largest helicopter factory has been set up in Karnataka. After America, Boeing’s second largest factory has been set up in Karnataka. This will only happen if the number of factories in India increases and the number of people working in those factories increases. is also increasing,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi said that BJP and Janata Dal-Secular have come together to fulfill the dreams of citizens of the state. “I guarantee that your dreams are my determination. My life is dedicated to you and the country. I promise 24×7 by 2047,” he said, referring to the goal of making India a developed country by 2047.

“Congress has turned the tech city into a tanker city. Cuts are being made to agriculture and urban infrastructure. The Congress is only focused on corruption and not on the problems of Bengaluru. Only the central government projects are moving forward quickly.” he said, adding that the metro network has also been expanded.

Prime Minister Modi spoke about the economic progress the country has made in the past decade and the government’s efforts to provide relief to the people. “Before 2014, you had to pay income tax on your annual income of just ₹2 lakh. But now you are exempt from paying income tax on your income up to ₹7 lakh. Before 2014, various types of indirect taxes increased your shopping and restaurant bills. After its implementation of GST, indirect taxes have been reduced. This has saved thousands of crores of your money,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi said the issue of “Congress and INDI alliance is Modi, Modi’s family, and wrongly accusing Modi”. “But Modi’s focus is on developing 21st century India, to ensure good facilities and prosperity for the Indian people and India’s global image,” he said.