Compact home sauna sets are helping people work up a sweat during Japan’s boom

This photo from Hands Inc. shows the compact and space-saving “Ouchi Sauna.”

TOKYO – In response to Japan’s growing sauna boom, a Japanese retailer is helping people work up a sweat without leaving the house with its new compact home sauna set.

Retailer Hands Inc., based in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, launched its “Ouchi Sauna” (home sauna) for people who want to enjoy saunas with ease. It will be available for purchase at Hands’ Shinjuku store and on the company’s website until June 20.

According to the company, the 55-pound kit is easy to assemble and only takes about 20 minutes. The base measures 70 by 90 cm – about half the size of a tatami mat – and is 1.4 meters high. Once assembled it can be used with a 100 volt household power supply, eliminating the need for additional construction.

The temperature can be set between 30 and 65 degrees Celsius. Electricity costs depend on temperature setting and room temperature, but are estimated at 600 to 1,200 yen (about $4 to $8) for 30 days if used one hour per day. The heat emitted by the device is negligible and when used it does not heat the entire room.

A company representative commented: “We want people to enjoy a comfortable sauna lifestyle at home, where they can sweat, relax and refresh their body and mind.”

The sauna costs 374,000 yen (about $2,400), plus 25,000 yen (about $160) in shipping costs.

(Japanese original by Yuko Shimada, Business News Department)