X-Men ’97 theme composers didn’t want to ruin the nostalgic atmosphere

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The Newton Brothers (Andy Grush & Taylor Stewart) talk about how they honored Ron Wasserman’s original TAS theme while composing X-Men ’97.

Summary of the article

  • Newton Brothers discuss keeping the nostalgia of the original X-Men TAS theme.
  • Eight variations were created, bringing together orchestra, synths and choir for X-Men ’97.
  • Nili Brosh’s guitar work complements synth leads in the final theme version.
  • New episodes of the themed X-Men ’97 premiere Wednesday on Disney+.

Anytime you’re dealing with a beloved and established franchise, the next generation will sometimes have a creative chip on their shoulder when it comes to the inevitable comparisons to the original, as is the case with the Disney+ sequel series. X Men ’97. It’s something the duo loves Andy Gruis And Taylor Stewartknown as The Newton brothersis all too familiar when composing their take on the original Ron Wasserman theme of X-Men: The Animated Series.

x-men '97x-men '97
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How the Newton Brothers Developed the X-Men ’97 Theme to Honor the Legacy of X-Men: The Animated Series

The first thing the duo didn’t want to do was make the X Men ’97 too modern because “that would ruin the nostalgic atmosphere,” Stewart said Variety. “The original is sincere, perfect and does everything it’s supposed to do. We wanted to make sure we weren’t involved in staining the track, but in enhancing it,” Grush added. What the two opted for consisted of orchestral music, modern synths and a choir, subtly interwoven, while the original relied more on synths.

“We ended up with eight different versions, and Andy and I gave each other notes, we went back and forth and then presented it to the team,” Stewart said. “We had a full orchestra version, a full analog synth. And it came down to two versions. Those versions meandered along the paths they took, and we ended up where we were,” Grush added. “But there’s a lot of trial and error involved in that, because a lot of the things we did in the version that exists now destroyed some of the sonic landscapes that are in there.”

When it came to what was decided, what became the final theme, “There are a few things happening that are important. We had a theme that was played with a synth, which played the main melody,” Grush said. “Once that was in place, Nili Brosh came in, and she’s a great guitarist. You can hear that; she’s playing along with the synths we’re playing, and underneath that are rhythm guitars.” After breaking down the “engine-like sound” that begins the theme: “It’s very specific. If you start too big at first, the song will feel small. at the same time.” He adds: “That plays throughout the piece and was the backbone of the theme.” New episodes of X Men ’97 stream Wednesday on Disney+.

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