Charlie Kirk’s views on women and childbearing make me sick

So who is this? Charlie Kirk Character?

Kirk, born October 14, 1993, is an American conservative political activist and media figure. He founded Turning Point USA in 2012 and oversees its various expansions, including Turning Point Action and Students for Trump. Kirk has also written four books.

I recently discovered Charlie Kirk through TikTok. The first few videos from his account fascinated me. He talked about what is a fake school these days, which I completely agree with.

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In my opinion, the education system in the United States has deteriorated more than ever in the last decade. In many of his videos, Kirk pulls out statistics; I’m talking about a national graduation rate of about 59%. He also points out that more than half of college graduates end up in jobs that don’t require a degree ten years after completing their education.

We can probably all agree that job postings are ridiculous these days, right? Some companies require a master’s degree and yet another year of experience, but offer only $12 per hour as a starting price, and that’s beyond crazy…

Personally, I jumped straight into my professional life instead of I’m going to college, racking up debt, and wasting my time in class. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

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So that was me Real I’m glad to see this seemingly like-minded person (Charlie Kirk) speaking so openly about online education, especially with young people on his platforms.

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Charlie Kirk: “Jesus saved my life”

Then I came across another video of Kirk explaining how Jesus saved his life. Damn, here we go… we have different opinions here.

I’m not religious at all. At least not in the traditional sense. If I am anything, I would say I am spiritual. I don’t believe in anyone’s “Sky Daddy” and I think organized religion is a complete sham too; one of the biggest grievances in our society.

“I am a sinner. I gave my life to Christ. The most important decision I ever made.” Kirk asked someone if he was a Christian.

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Hey, to each their own, right? But that attitude of Kirk’s really confused me… In my head I thought, “How can someone be so up to date in education and yet be so insane?” But I guess that was somewhat true, still fine. Many smart people believe in something taller, okay… I won’t completely discount his opinion here. Although… sort of. I tried to keep an open mind.

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Kirk was asked if he believed the Bible was real. “Yes, I believe the Bible is true.” He was asked why. His response was, “Well, I could give you the technical answer, which is that there has never been an archaeological discovery that contradicts the truth of the Bible. And then of course wisdom. There is no truth in the Bible that if you apply it to your life, your life will not improve dramatically.”

Okay, dude…that’s psychobabble to me.

“1. Timothy 2:12: I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; She must be quiet.”

Perfect segue into Kirk’s next point of view…

‘More and more women are having to get married at a younger age’

Okay, right now I’m thinking it’s Charlie Kirk out there, but here I lost all respect for the man. In another video from Kirk, he explains: “The bottom line is, more younger women need to get married and have children at younger ages. “The problem of single women is one of the greatest problems of our civilization.”

He continued: “We have more single women in their early 30s who are among the most depressed, suicidal, anxious and lonely women in American history because a biological clock is ticking and they realize they’re not going to make it.” Kids, that they’re not that desirable in the dating market or the dating pool and so they start preying on the rest of society by voting Democrat.”

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Charlie Kirk
TikTok | Charlie Kirk

Isn’t this the most archaic and outdated sexism you’ve ever heard? My mind was completely overwhelmed.

‘Just get married early. Reject the siren song of modernity and have lots of children. Being a partner at a local law firm is actually not that big of a deal. Having three children is very important and will make you happier, and it’s okay to be a stay-at-home mom. In fact, we need a lot of stay-at-home moms, and a lot of women want to be stay-at-home moms too, and we have unhappy women because we’ve pushed them into the corporate desert. In reality, many of them don’t find much passion or fulfillment in this career. And who can blame them?”

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This is some of the most disgusting rhetoric I have ever heard. He’s basically saying that a woman’s only purpose is to reproduce, and if she doesn’t, she will be unhappy and of no use to society.

Having three children is very important and will make you happier” – Says who??

How about you mind your own damn business, Kirk? I have zero children Selection and I absolutely love my life. I know I would be miserable if I had children. This personal choice does not make me less worthy, anxious or suicidal. This is frivolous information and I wish you had the skills to recognize it.

Child-free and happy AF

“Siren song of modernity??” Please, it’s 2024. Let’s all take a page from TikToker Arielle Lorre’s book, who very proudly admits that she is childless by choice.

She says very clearly that she is 38 and does not want children. She goes on to emphasize how interesting it is that this concept is so difficult for some people to understand. She knows she doesn’t want children, just like she knows “the sky is blue.” I’m with you 100%, sister!

Women do not have a predetermined destiny. We’re not unwanted and lashing out about some “biological clock” nonsense.

Some women feel like they were born to be mothers and enjoy this lifestyle. If that’s you, I applaud you. IF that was YOUR decision.

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However, I find it completely irresponsible of Charlie Kirk to preach such blatant nonsense to women, some of which I’m sure, given the demographics of his audience, will be very influential.

Don’t even get me started on his stance on abortion…

I really feel sorry for his wife and daughter.