Paid $5.8 million in individual tax refunds last week | News

The Department of Revenue and Taxes processed 2,076 individual tax refund payments as of April 16, and the Department of Administration mailed checks or paid via direct deposit, totaling $5,812,028 for tax year 2023 and previous error-free returns filed on or before March 20 , according to a press release from Adelup on Sunday.

Individual tax refunds paid last week total 2,211 or 94%, including 2,076 for error-free early filers for tax year 2023.

A total of $105 million in refunds has been processed to date in fiscal year 2024.

Refunds will continue to occur weekly.

Due to the large number of early filers for tax year 2023, an unprecedented payment period will continue to fluctuate between three and six weeks.

It may take up to 15 days from the date of check or direct deposit processing to reach each refund recipient, provided the return is found to be error-free or has an A status.

Individuals who receive a payment by direct deposit will see a $0 transaction in their bank account before receiving their refund.

For more information or questions, please contact the DRT Call Center at (671) 635-1840/1841/7614/7651/1813.

Due to high call volume, DRT recommends using the Contact Us section of or emailing [email protected].