New bill would strip Donald Trump of Secret Service protection if convicted in criminal trial

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi), former chairman of the disbanded Jan. 6 committee, has proposed a new bill that would strip Secret Service protections for convicted criminals.

Thompson introduced the Denying Infinite Security Act and government resources allocated to convicted and extremely dishonorable (disgraced) former protected persons. The bill targets persons convicted of crimes with a prison sentence of one year or more. Because Republicans currently hold the majority, the bill is unlikely to pass the House of Representatives.

In Thompson’s proposal, the representative named former President Donald Trump as someone who could lose Secret Service protection. Trump faces 91 felony charges in four state and federal cases, including his hush money trial.

Thompson stated, “Unfortunately, current law does not anticipate how Secret Service protections would impact the prison sentence of a protected person – even a former president.”

Since 1965, former presidents and their spouses have been granted lifelong protection unless they refuse.